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Abad, Mehdi Salehi Heydar (2019) Energy efficient resource allocation for future wireless communication systemsy. [Thesis]

Abbasi, Shahbaz (2019) A highly digital microbolometer ROIC employing a novel event-based readout and two-step time to digital converters. [Thesis]

Abbasi, Shahbaz and Ceylan, Ömer and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2019) A DROIC based on PFM ADCs employing over-integration for error shaping. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 66 (10). pp. 3713-3722. ISSN 1549-8328 (Print) 1558-0806 (Online)

Abdennour, Bouchair and Farida, Bouremmad and Shawuti, Shalima and Amayreh Mousa, Y. and Gülgün, Mehmet Ali (2019) Preparation and characterization of a high performance activated carbon by pyrolysis of pine cone (Pinus halepensis) and adsorption tests on methylene blue. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 23 (8). pp. 10-18. ISSN 0972-0626 (Print) 2278-4527 (Online)

Abdolhosseinzadeh, Sina and Mousavi, Mirsajjad and Haghmoradi, Navid and Alkan Gürsel, Selmiye (2019) A continuous-flow photocatalytic reactor for the precisely controlled deposition of metallic nanoparticles. Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), 146 . ISSN 1940-087X

Abiral, Bürge and Altınay, Ayşe Gül and Çalışkan, Dilara and Yıldız, Armanc (2019) Curious steps: mobilizing memory through collective walking and storytelling in Istanbul. In: Altınay, Ayşe Gül and Contreras, Maria Jose and Hirsch, Marianne and Howard, Jean and Karaca, Banu and Solomon, Alisa, (eds.) Women Mobilizing Memory. Columbia University Press, New York, NY. ISBN 9780231191852

Acar, Gizem (2019) Graphene textile smart clothing for wearable cardiac monitoring. [Thesis]

Acar, Gizem and Öztürk, Özberk and Jedari Golparvar, Ata and Elboshra, Tamador Alkhidir and Bohringer, Karl and Yapıcı, Murat Kaya (2019) Wearable and flexible textile electrodes for biopotential signal monitoring: a review. Electronics, 8 (5). ISSN 2079-9292

Adak, Hülya (2019) Müfide Ferit Tek's Aydemir meets Neşide K. Demir, or how women in mourning impede gendered memories of a genocidal past. In: Altınay, Ayşe Gül and Contreras, Maria Jose and Hirsch, Marianne and Howard, Jean and Karaca, Banu and Solomon, Alisa, (eds.) Women Mobilizing Memory. Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 455-475. ISBN 9780231191852

Afacan, Mustafa Oğuz (2019) A task-allocation problem. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 82 . pp. 285-290. ISSN 0304-4068 (Print) 1873-1538 (Online)

Afacan, Mustafa Oğuz (2019) Matching with restricted trade. International Journal of Game Theory, 48 (3). pp. 957-977. ISSN 0020-7276 (Print) 1432-1270 (Online)

Afacan, Mustafa Oğuz (2019) School choice with vouchers. Journal of Economic Theory, 179 . pp. 57-72. ISSN 0022-0531 (Print) 1095-7235 (Online)

Afghah, Ferdows and Dikyol, Caner and Altunbek, Mine and Koç, Bahattin (2019) Biomimicry in bio-manufacturing: developments in melt electrospinning writing technology towards hybrid biomanufacturing. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 9 (17). ISSN 2076-3417

Afghah, Seyed Mohamad Reza and Özlük, Özgür and Ünlüyurt, Tonguç (2019) Capacity allocation and pricing strategies for cloud computing service providers. In: 48th International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering 2018 (CIE48), Auckland, New Zealand

Aghakhani, Amirreza and Motlagh, Peyman Lahe and Bediz, Bekir and Başdoğan, İpek (2019) A general electromechanical model for plates with integrated piezo-patches using spectral-Tchebychev method. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 458 . pp. 74-88. ISSN 0022-460X (Print) 1095-8568 (Online)

Agndal, Henrik and Nilsson, Ulf (2019) Extending the trust-control debate: control domains and spillover effects. In: 35th EGOS Colloquium: Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Agndal, Henrik and Nilsson, Ulf (2019) The fast and the furious: the role of entrainment in controlled inter-organizational relationship transformation. Management Accounting Research, 43 . pp. 15-28. ISSN 1044-5005 (Print) 1096-1224 (Online)

Agusholli, Lirika (2019) EX-combatants as civic activists in post-conflict societies: the case of KLA in Kosova. [Thesis]

Ağababaoğlu, Arda (2019) Bayesian reinforcement learning with MCMC to maximize energy output of vertical axis wind turbine. [Thesis]

Ahmad, Faseeh (2019) A hybrid planning approach to robot construction problems. [Thesis]

Ahmad, Mansoor (2019) Fabrication of CMUTS based on PMMA adhesive wafer bonding. [Thesis]

Ahmad, Mansoor and Bozkurt, Ayhan and Farhanieh, Omid (2019) Evaluation of acoustic-based particle separation methods. World Journal of Engineering, 16 (6). pp. 823-838. ISSN 1708-5284

Ahmad, Mansoor and Bozkurt, Ayhan and Farhanieh, Omid (2019) PMMA-based wafer-bonded capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer for underwater applications. Micromachines, 10 (5). ISSN 2072-666X

Ahmed, Bestoun S. and Gargantini, Angelo and Zamli, Kamal Z. and Yılmaz, Cemal and Bures, Miroslav and Szeles, Marek (2019) Code-aware combinatorial interaction testing. IET Software, 13 (6). pp. 600-609. ISSN 1751-8806 (Print) 1751-8814 (Online)

Ahmed, Faran (2019) Computing with words: from linguistic preferences to decisions. [Thesis]

Ahmed, Faran and Kılıç, Kemal (2019) Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process: a performance analysis of various algorithms. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 362 . pp. 110-128. ISSN 0165-0114 (Print) 1872-6801 (Online)

Akçapınar, Kudret and Gürbüz, Özgür and Ünlüyurt, Tonguç (2019) Power allocation and routing for full-duplex multi hop wireless networks under full interference. Ad Hoc Networks, 82 . pp. 91-99. ISSN 1570-8705 (Print) 1570-8713 (Online)

Akdoğan, Dilara and Karaoğlan Altop, Duygu and Levi, Albert (2019) Secure key agreement based on ordered biometric features. Computer Networks, 163 . ISSN 1389-1286 (Print) 1872-7069 (Online)

Akdoğu, Evrim and Avcı, Burcu and Şimşir, Şerif Aziz (2019) Özel sektör borçlanma araçları piyasası. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:UNSPECIFIED

Akın Ateş, Melek and Güleryüz, Atakan and Güleryüz, İrem and Arslan, Ataberk (2019) Understanding supplier sustainability performance: the role of dependence and relational capital. METU Studies in Development, 46 (2). pp. 97-127. ISSN 1010-9935

Akkan, Can and Gülcü, Ayla (2019) (September 2019) Course-period disruption scenario data for the ITC-2007 curriculum-based course timetabling instances. [Dataset]

Akkoç, Yunus and Lyubenova, Lyudmila Slaveykova and Grausgruber, Heinrich and Janovská, Dagmar and Yazıcı, Mustafa Atilla and Çakmak, İsmail and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2019) Minor cereals exhibit superior antioxidant effects on human epithelial cells compared to common wheat cultivars. Journal of Cereal Science, 85 . pp. 143-152. ISSN 0733-5210 (Print) 1095-9963 (Online)

Akman, Utku (2019) Rise of right-wing populism in Europe?: The case of alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany. [Thesis]

Aksoy, Eda and Bayazıt, Mahmut (2019) Trait activation in goal commitment: interactions between achievement striving and situational cues. In: Academy of Management Annual Conference, Boston, MA, USA (Accepted)

Aksoy, Oğuz and Akın Ateş, Melek (2019) The effects of strategic purchasing practices on performance: an analysis in the Turkish hospitality sector. Beykoz Akademi Dergisi, Özel S . pp. 123-135. ISSN 2651-5393

Aksoy, Timur and Unal, Gozde and Pernuš, Franjo and Špiclin, Žiga (2019) 3D-2D registration of vascular structures. In: Radeva, Petia and Suri, Jasjit S., (eds.) Vascular and Intravascular Imaging Trends, Analysis, and Challenges: Stent applications. IOP Publishing, pp. 1-33. ISBN 9780750319959 (Print) 9780750319966 (Online)

Aktaş, Ethem Utku and Eriş, Mehtap Özaltın and Altunel, Haluk and Yılmaz, Cemal (2019) Yazılım hataları ile ilişkili olmayan olay kayıtlarının analizi ve sınıflandırılması: bir vaka çalışması [Analysis and classification of issue reports not related to software bugs: a case study]. In: 13th Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium, Izmir, Turkey

Alas, Melis and Güngör, Ahmet and Genç, Rükan and Erdem, Emre (2019) Feeling the power: robust supercapacitors from nanostructured conductive polymers fostered with Mn2+ and carbon dots. Nanoscale, 11 (27). pp. 12804-12816. ISSN 2040-3364 (Print) 2040-3372 (Online)

Alcan, Gökhan (2019) Data driven nonlinear dynamic models for predicting heavy-duty diesel engine torque and combustion emissions. [Thesis]

Alcan, Gökhan and Ünel, Mustafa and Aran, Volkan and Yılmaz, Metin and Gürel, Çetin and Köprübaşı, Kerem (2019) Predicting NOx emissions in diesel engines via sigmoid NARX models using a new experiment design for combustion identification. Measurement, 137 . pp. 71-81. ISSN 0263-2241 (Print) 1873-412X (Online)

Alcan, Gökhan and Yılmaz, Emre and Ünel, Mustafa and Aran, Volkan and Yilmaz, Metin and Gurel, Cetin and Koprubasi, Kerem (2019) Estimating soot emission in diesel engines using gated recurrent unit networks. In: 9th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control, AAC 2019, Orléans, France

Aldayel, Abdullah and Al Quayid, Al Jawhara and Considine, Jennifer and Hatipoğlu, Emre (2019) The impact of global trade disruptions on world oil markets. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:KS--2019--II14

Ali, Hafiz Qasim (2019) Experimental study on static and dynamic behavior of woven carbon fabric laminates using in-house piezoelectric sensors, acoustic emission, digital image correlation and scanning electron microscopy. [Thesis]

Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Emami Tabrizi, Isa and Khan, Raja Muhammad Awais and Seyyed Monfared Zanjani, Jamal and Yılmaz, Çağatay and Haghighi Poudeh, Leila and Yıldız, Mehmet (2019) Experimental study on dynamic behavior of woven carbon fabric laminates using in-house piezoelectric sensors. Smart Materials and Structures, 28 (10). ISSN 0964-1726 (Print) 1361-665X (Online)

Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Emami Tabrizi, Isa and Khan, Raja Muhammad Awais and Tufani, Ali and Yıldız, Mehmet (2019) Microscopic analysis of failure in woven carbon fabric laminates coupled with digital image correlation and acoustic emission. Composite Structures, 230 . ISSN 0263-8223 (Print) 1879-1085 (Online)

Ali Ahmed, Sara Atito and Yanıkoğlu, Berrin (2019) Within-network ensemble for face attributes classification. In: 20th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, ICIAP 2019, Trento, Italy

Alijani Alijanvand, Hossein and Özbey, Arzu and Karimzadehkhouei, Mehrdad and Koşar, Ali (2019) Inertial micromixing in curved serpentine micromixers with different curve angles. Fluids, 4 (4). ISSN 2311-5521

Alipour, Ali (2019) Performance feedback and risk relationship: a cross-cultural examination. [Thesis]

Alkan Taş, Buket and Şehit, Ekin and Taş, Cüneyt Erdinç and Ünal, Serkan and Cebeci, Fevzi Çakmak and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Ünal, Hayriye (2019) Carvacrol loaded halloysite coatings for antimicrobial food packaging applications. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 20 . ISSN 2214-2894

Alpat, Behçet and Gülgün, Mehmet Ali and Çorapcıoğlu, Gülcan and Yıldızhan, Melike Mercan and Lazzaro, Paolo Di and Murra, Daniele and Kaplanoğlu, Tevfik and Postolache, Vasile and Mengali, Sandro and Simeoni, Mirko and Urbani, Alessandro (2019) Testing of substrates for flexible optical solar reflectors: irradiations of nano-hybrid coatings of polyimide films with 20 keV electrons and with 200-400 nm ultraviolet radiation. Journal of Instrumentation, 14 (6). ISSN 1748-0221

Alptekin, Halit and Yıldızlı, Can and Savaş, Erkay and Levi, Albert (2019) TRAPDROID: bare-metal android malware behavior analysis framework. In: 21st International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT), PyeongChang, South Korea

Alpugan, Serkan and Topkaya, Derya and Verma, Sandeep Kumar and Atilla, Devrim and Ahsen, Vefa and Kolkar Mohammed, Javed Hussain Niazi and Dumoulin, Fabienne (2019) Corrigendum to: Zn phthalocyanine conjugation to H2-ul aptamer for HER2-targeted breast cancer photodynamic therapy: Design, optimization and properties (J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines (2017) 21 (887-892) DOI: 10.1142/S1088424617500973). Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 23 (3). p. 303. ISSN 1088-4246 (Print) 1099-1409 (Online)

Altınay, Ayşe Gül (2019) Undoing academic cultures of militarism: Turkey and beyond. Current Anthropology, 60 (S19). S15-S25. ISSN 0011-3204 (Print) 1537-5382 (Online)

Alver, Muhammed Burak and Saleem, Ammar and Çetin, Müjdat (2019) A novel plug-and-play SAR reconstruction framework using deep priors. In: IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), Boston, MA, USA

Amro, Belal Mohammed and Levi, Albert and Saygın, Yücel (2019) Flexible fair and collusion resistant pseudonym providing system. The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, 16 (1). pp. 80-87. ISSN 1683-3198

Anamagh, Mirmeysam Rafiei and Bediz, Bekir (2019) Three-dimensional dynamics of functionally graded and laminated doubly-curved composite structures having arbitrary geometries and boundary conditions. Composites Part B: Engineering, 172 . pp. 533-546. ISSN 1359-8368 (Print) 1879-1069 (Online)

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül (2019) Curves over finite fields and permutations of the form x(k) - gamma Tr(x). Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 43 (1). pp. 533-538. ISSN 1300-0098 (Print) 1303-6149 (Online)

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Kalaycı, Tekgül and Meidl, Wilfried (2019) Determining the Walsh spectra of Taniguchi's and related APN-functions. Finite Fields and Their Applications, 60 . ISSN 1071-5797 (Print) 1090-2465 (Online)

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Kaşıkcı, Canan and Topuzoğlu, Alev (2019) On components of vectorial permutations of F-q(n). Finite Fields and Their Applications, 58 . pp. 124-132. ISSN 1071-5797 (Print) 1090-2465 (Online)

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Meidl, Wilfried and Pott, Alexander (2019) Equivalence for negabent functions and their relative difference sets. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 270 . pp. 1-12. ISSN 0166-218X (Print) 1872-6771 (Online)

Anıl, Deniz (2019) Halloysite containing polyurethane foams as insulation materials with enhanced flame retardance. [Thesis]

Arabyazdı, S. and Yazdanpanah, A. and Ansari Hamedani, Ali and Ramedani, A. and Mortarzadeh, F. (2019) Synthesis and characterization of CaO-P2O5-SiO2-Li2O-Fe2O3 bioactive glasses: the effect of Li2O-Fe2O3 content on the structure and in-vitro bioactivity. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 503-50 . pp. 139-150. ISSN 0022-3093 (Print) 1873-4812 (Online)

Aran, Volkan (2019) Flexible and robust control of heavy duty diesel engine airpath using data driven disturbance observers and GPR models. [Thesis]

Ararat, Melsa and Alkan, Sevda and Aytekin, Belgin (2019) 7th Annual Report, Women on Board Turkey. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:10.5900/SU_SOM_WP.2019.39456

Ararat, Melsa and Sayedy, Borhan (2019) Gender and climate change disclosure: an interdimensional policy approach. Sustainability, 11 (24). ISSN 2071-1050

Aras, Bülent (2019) The crisis and change in Turkish foreign policy after July 15. Alternatives, 44 (1). pp. 6-18. ISSN 0304-3754 (Print) 2163-3150 (Online)

Aras, Bülent and Duman, Yasin (2019) I/NGOs' assistance to Syrian refugees in Turkey: opportunities and challenges. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 21 (4). pp. 478-491. ISSN 1944-8953 (Print) 1944-8961 (Online)

Aras, Bülent and Mohammed, Zulkarnain (2019) The Turkish government scholarship program as a soft power tool. Turkish Studies, 20 (3). pp. 421-441. ISSN 1468-3849 (Print) 1743-9663 (Online)

Arıcı, Ece and Yarar Kaplan, Begüm and Mert, Ahmet Musap and Alkan Gürsel, Selmiye and Kınayyiğit, Şölen (2019) An effective electrocatalyst based on platinum nanoparticles supported with graphene nanoplatelets and carbon black hybrid for PEM fuel cells. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44 (27). pp. 14175-14183. ISSN 0360-3199 (Print) 1879-3487 (Online)

Artan, Tülay (2019) Contemplation or amusement? The light shed by Ruznames on an Ottoman spectacle of 1740-1750. In: Boyar, Ebru and Fleet, Kate, (eds.) Entertainment Among the Ottomans. Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp. 22-42. ISBN 9789004273665 (Print) 9789004399235 (Online)

Artan, Tülay (2019) İstanbul'da kitap piyasası ve Şehid Ali Paşa kitap koleksiyonunun inşası, 1709-1715. (Accepted)

Artan, Tülay (2019) Yakında sarmayı ve kapamayı hatırlayan ve pişiren kalmayacak. [Book Review]

Artar, Emir (2019) Goal-oriented hierarchical task networks and its application on interactive narrative planning. [Thesis]

Artut, Selçuk (2019) Using a machine learning algorithm to create a computational artwork: variable. Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts, 6 (3). pp. 173-182. ISSN 2241-7702

Artut, Selçuk (2019) Yapay zeka olgusunun güncel sanat çalışmalarındaki açılımları. İnsan ve İnsan, 6 (22). pp. 767-783. ISSN 2148-7537

Artut, Selçuk Hüseyin (2019) Developing interactions in augmented materiality: an enhancement method based on RGB-D segmentation. E-Journal of New Media, 3 (1). pp. 45-56. ISSN 2548-0200

Asghari Arpatappeh, Farzin and Aydemir, Berk Emre and Bilge, Kaan and Papila, Melih (2019) Multiscale reinforcing interlayers of self-same P(St-co-GMA) nanofibers loaded with MCF for polymer composites and nanocomposites. In: AIAA Scitech Forum, 2019, San Diego, United States

Asif, Muhammad and Tunç, Cevza Esin and Yazıcı, Mustafa Atilla and Tutuş, Yusuf and Rehman, Raheela and Rehman, Abdul and Öztürk, Levent (2019) Effect of predicted climate change on growth and yield performance of wheat under varied nitrogen and zinc supply. Plant and Soil, 434 (1-2). pp. 231-244. ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Asif, Muhammad and Zora, Seray and Öztürk, Levent (2019) Interactive effect of elevated carbon dioxide and nitrogen sources on wheat plants. In: Innovations in Agriculture: Nourishing Pakistan in Changing Climate, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Askar, Yimit and Adebali, Ogün and Sancar, Aziz and Jiang, Yuchao (2019) Differential damage and repair of DNA-adducts induced by anti-cancer drug cisplatin across mouse organs. Nature Communicaitons, 10 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

Aslan, A. Rüstem and AlNaimiy, Hamid M. K. and Fernini, Ilias and Manousakis, Antonios and Shaikh, Mubasshir and Madara, S. Reddy and Al-Kaabi, Tarifa and Karabulut, Boğaç and Öztekin, Onur and Türkoğlu, Sibel and Kalemci, Emrah (2019) Space technology capacity building in support of SDG 2030 through CubeSat SharjahSat-l. In: 9th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST), Istanbul, Turkey

Atahan, Ali Osman and Büyük, Murat and Örnek, Murat and Erdem, Musab and Turedi, Yakup (2019) Determination of optimum post embedment depth for C120 steel posts using field and full scale crash test. International Journal of Crashworthiness, 24 (5). pp. 533-542. ISSN 1358-8265 (Print) 1754-2111 (Online)

Atılgan, Yiğit and Bali, Turan G. and Demirtaş, Özgür and Günaydın, Ali Doruk (2019) Global downside risk and equity returns. Journal of International Money and Finance, 98 . ISSN 0261-5606 (Print) 1873-0639 (Online)

Atlı, Cemile (2019) Circassian nationalism in the writings of Hayriye Melek Hunç. [Thesis]

Attari, Mahdi Yousefi Nejad and Shabbani, Maryam and Lotfian, Fahimeh and Jami, Ensiyeh Neisabouri and Ebadi Torkayesh, Ali (2019) Red blood cells consumption: an optimization method. In: 15th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference (IIIEC), Yazd, Iran

Avaz, Merve Senem and Taştan, Ömer Faruk and Taş, Cüneyt Erdinç and Ünal, Hayriye and İnce, İkbal Agah and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. (2019) Insecticide-releasing LLDPE films as greenhouse cover materials. Materials Today Communications, 19 . pp. 170-176. ISSN 2352-4928

Avcı, Süreyya Burcu (2019) A new era in risk management of financial firms. In: Walker, Thomas and Sprung-Much, Northrop and Goubran, Sheriff, (eds.) Environmental Policy: An Economic Perspective. Wiley Blackwell, Canada. (Accepted)

Avcıoğlu, Suna and Kaya, Figen and Kaya, Cengiz (2019) Non-catalytic synthesis of boron carbide (B4C) nano structures with various morphologies by sol-gel process. Materials Letters, 249 . pp. 201-205. ISSN 0167-577X (Print) 1873-4979 (Online)

Avcıoğlu, Suna and Kaya, Figen and Kaya, Cengiz (2019) Optimization of sol-gel synthesized preceramic polymer precursors for fabrication of high purity boron carbide (B4C) powders. In: International Symposium on Boron (BORON2019), Nevsehir, Turkey

Avoine, Gildas and Bingöl, Muhammed Ali and Boureanu, Ioana and Capkun, Srdjan and Hancke, Gerhard and Kardaş, Süleyman and Kim, Chong Hee and Lauradoux, Cédric and Martin, Benjamin and Munilla, Jorge and Peinado, Alberto and Rasmussen, Kasper Bonne and Singelée, Dave and Tchamkerten, Aslan and Trujillo-Rasua, Rolando and Vaudenay, Serge (2019) Security of distance-bounding: a survey. ACM Computing Surveys, 51 (5). ISSN 0360-0300 (Print) 1557-7341 (Online)

Avşar, Bihter and Esmaeilialiabadi, Danial and Yousefnezhad, Reza and Esmaeili Aliabadi, Edris (2019) OP-01 academic presenter: a new storytelling presentation software for academic purposes. Turkish Journal of Biochemistry, 43 (S4). p. 18. ISSN 0250-4685 (Print) 1303-829X (Online)

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Aydın, Erdal and Eicholtz, Piet and Holtermans, Rogier (2019) Split incentives and energy efficiency: evidence from the Dutch housing market. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:UNSPECIFIED

Aydın Düzgit, Senem (2019) Popular music and multimodal critical discourse analysis: ideology, control and resistance in Turkey Since 2002, by Lyndon C. S. Way. [Book Review]

Aydın Düzgit, Senem (2019) State of translation: Turkey in interlingual relations. [Book Review]

Aydın Düzgit, Senem (2019) The Islamist-Secularist divide and Turkey's descent into severe polarization. In: Carothers, Thomas and O'Donohue, Andrew, (eds.) Democracies Divided: The Global Challenge of Political Polarization. Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, pp. 17-37. ISBN 9780815737216 (Print) 9780815737223 (Online)

Aydın Düzgit, Senem and Keyman, Fuat and Biehl Öztuzcu, Kristen Sarah (2019) Changing parameters of migration cooperation: beyond the EU-Turkey deal. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:UNSPECIFIED

Aydın Düzgit, Senem and Königsbrun, Romana and Rumelili, Bahar and Chovanec, Johanna (2019) Between rapprochement and rejection: identity and cultural drivers in Europe-Turkey relations. Monograph. Istanbul Policy Center.

Aydın Düzgit, Senem and Rumelili, Bahar (2019) Discourse analysis: strengths and shortcomings. All Azimuth, 8 (2). pp. 285-305. ISSN 2146-7757

Aydınoğlu, Fatma and Lucas, Stuart J. (2019) Identification and expression profiles of putative leaf growth related microRNAs in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrid ADA313. Gene, 690 . pp. 57-67. ISSN 0378-1119 (Print) 1879-0038 (Online)

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