Mid-infrared optical characterization of thin SiNx membranes

Stocchi, M. and Mencarelli, D. and Pierantoni, L. and Kot, D. and Lisker, M. and Göritz, A. and Kaynak, C. Baristiran and Wietstruck, M. and Kaynak, Mehmet (2019) Mid-infrared optical characterization of thin SiNx membranes. Applied Optics, 58 (19). pp. 5233-5239. ISSN 1559-128X (Print) 2155-3165 (Online)

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The investigation of the optical constants (e.g., the refractive index n and the extinction coefficient κ) has been performed in the mid-infrared spectrum for various silicon nitride (SiNx) configurations. By exploiting the transfer matrix method formulation, photometric measurements of transmission and reflection have been used for iteratively calculating the optical parameters of interest. To ensure the reliability of the n and κ, the same material from which such parameters were extracted was deposited for three different thicknesses, e.g., 600, 200, and 100 nm. While the former is optically characterized, the remaining two are used for validation purposes. For each experimental/calculated comparison, the average (made over the whole considered spectrum interval) of the relative error never exceeds 1.5%, which ensures the correctness of the given n and κ. For the sake of completeness, a detailed analysis of the intrinsic limitations arising from the very nature of the method will also be conducted.
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