Alternative pathogen control chemistry of glass fiber-reinforced polyester panels for cooling towers

Bal, Seval and Sanli, Nazmiye Ozlem and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. (2019) Alternative pathogen control chemistry of glass fiber-reinforced polyester panels for cooling towers. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 28 (10). pp. 6011-6024. ISSN 1059-9495 (Print) 1544-1024 (Online)

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This study aimed to investigate the antibiofouling activity of 3-(trimethoxysilyl)-propyl, alkyldimethylammonium chloride-based (SilQUAT)-treated glass fiber-reinforced polyester (GFRP) composite panels in model cooling tower system. All surface characterization analyses were performed by using FTIR and XPS and showed that surface chemical composition peaks confirmed the successful coating of compound. The antibiofilm efficacy of the SilQUAT-treated GFRP panels was evaluated with culture, ATP measurement and live/dead fluorescence staining, for 6 months. To mimic mechanical interventions, the durability and residual self-sanitizing activity of the treated GFRP panels was tested by modifying the EPA # 01-1A protocol, after abrasion. At the end of the 6-month period, the antibacterial effect was 95% and 99.90% for abraded and non-abraded materials, respectively. The current study provides an alternative application to prevent biofilm at source by modification and imparting antibacterial properties to the material. Prevention of biofilm at its source is an important approach by providing indirect benefits such as the reduction in corrosion and secondary environmental pollution caused by the use of excess biocides, and consequently, the reduction in cost and the risk of harm to the public/environment will also be of interest.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: 3-(trimethoxysilyl)-propyl; alkyldimethylammonium chloride; antibacterial effect; biofilm; durability; glass fiber-reinforced polyester (GFRP); hygiene
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Depositing User: Yusuf Z. Menceloğlu
Date Deposited: 28 Jul 2023 09:53
Last Modified: 28 Jul 2023 09:53

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