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Abakoumkin, Georgios and Tseliou, Eleftheria and McCabe, Kira O. and Lemay, Edward P. and Stroebe, Wolfgang and Agostini, Maximilian and Bélanger, Jocelyn J. and Gützkow, Ben and Kreienkamp, Jannis and Kutlaca, Maja and VanDellen, Michelle R. and Abdul Khaiyom, Jamilah Hanum and Ahmedi, Vjollca and Akkas, Handan and Almenara, Carlos A. and Atta, Mohsin and Bağcı, Çiğdem and Basel, Sima and Berisha Kida, Edona and Bernardo, Allan B.I. and Buttrick, Nicholas R. and Chobthamkit, Phatthanakit and Choi, Hoon Seok and Cristea, Mioara and Csaba, Sára and Damnjanovic, Kaja and Danyliuk, Ivan and Di Santo, Daniela and Douglas, Karen M. and Enea, Violeta and Faller, Daiane Gracieli and Fitzsimons, Gavan and Gheorghiu, Alexandra and Gómez, Ángel and Grzymala-Moszczynska, Joanna and Hamaidia, Ali and Han, Qing and Helmy, Mai and Hudiyana, Joevarian and Jeronimus, Bertus F. and Jiang, Ding Yu and Jovanović, Veljko and Kamenov, Željka and Kende, Anna and Keng, Shian Ling and Kieu, Tra Thi Thanh and Koc, Yasin and Kovyazina, Kamila and Kozytska, Inna and Krause, Joshua and Kruglanski, Arie W. and Kurapov, Anton and Lantos, Nóra Anna and Lesmana, Cokorda Bagus Jaya and Louis, Winnifred R. and Lueders, Adrian and Malik, Najma Iqbal and Martinez, Anton and Mehulić, Jasmina and Milla, Mirra Noor and Mohammed, Idris and Molinario, Erica and Moyano, Manuel and Muhammad, Hayat and Mula, Silvana and Muluk, Hamdi and Myroniuk, Solomiia and Najafi, Reza and Nisa, Claudia F. and Nyúl, Boglárka and O’Keefe, Paul A. and Olivas Osuna, Jose Javier and Osin, Evgeny N. and Park, Joonha and Pica, Gennaro and Pierro, Antonio and Rees, Jonas and Reitsema, Anne Margit and Resta, Elena and Rullo, Marika and Ryan, Michelle K. and Samekin, Adil and Santtila, Pekka and Sasin, Edyta and Schumpe, Birga Mareen and Selim, Heyla A. and Stanton, Michael Vicente and Sultana, Samiah and Sutton, Robbie M. and Utsugi, Akira and van Breen, Jolien Anne and Van Lissa, Caspar J. and Van Veen, Kees and Vázquez, Alexandra and Wollast, Robin and Yeung, Victoria Wai lan and Zand, Somayeh and Žeželj, Iris Lav and Zheng, Bang and Zick, Andreas and Zúñiga, Claudia and Leander, N. Pontus (2024) Conceptual replication and extension of health behavior theories' predictions in the context of COVID-19: Evidence across countries and over time. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 18 (2). ISSN 1751-9004

Abdali, Amirreza and Hossein Nedjad, Syamak and Hamed Zargari, Habib and Saboori, Abdollah and Yıldız, Mehmet (2024) Predictive tools for the cooling rate-dependent microstructure evolution of AISI 316L stainless steel in additive manufacturing. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 29 . pp. 5530-5538. ISSN 2238-7854 (Print) 2214-0697 (Online)

Abdelrahman, Amr Mustafa and Tebyani, Seyedreza and Rokhsar Talabazar, Farzad and Tabar, Saba Aghdam and Berenji, Nastaran Rahimzadeh and Sheibaniaghdam, Araz and Koyuncu, Ismail and Koşar, Ali and Guven, Huseyin and Ersahin, Mustafa Evren and Ghorbani, Morteza and Ozgun, Hale (2024) The flow pattern effects of hydrodynamic cavitation on waste activated sludge digestibility. Chemosphere, 357 . ISSN 0045-6535 (Print) 1879-1298 (Online)

Abrami, Samuele Carlo Ayrtcn (2024) Turkey in Africa: Turkey's strategic involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa. [Book Review]

Acar, Anıl Ahmet and Daskalakis, Evangelos and Bartolo, Paulo and Weightman, Andrew and Cooper, Glen and Blunn, Gordon and Koç, Bahattin (2024) Customized scaffolds for large bone defects using 3D-printed modular blocks from 2D-medical images. Bio-Design and Manufacturing, 7 (1). pp. 74-87. ISSN 2096-5524 (Print) 2522-8552 (Online)

Acar, Mehmet Fatih and Torgaloz, Alev Ozer and Eryarsoy, Enes and Zaim, Selim and Ruel, Salomee (2024) The effect of organizational culture, supplier trust and information sharing on supply chain viability. Operations Management Research . ISSN 1936-9735 (Print) 1936-9743 (Online) Published Online First

Ahmad, Waqar and Mahdavi, Hossein and Hamzaoğlu, İlker (2024) An efficient versatile video coding motion estimation hardware. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, 21 (2). ISSN 1861-8200 (Print) 1861-8219 (Online)

Ahmadi Basir, Saeedeh and Şahin, Güvenç and Özbaygın, Gizem (2024) A comparative study of alternative formulations for the periodic vehicle routing problem. Computers and Operations Research, 165 . ISSN 0305-0548 (Print) 1873-765X (Online)

Ahmed, Faran and Kılıç, Kemal (2024) Does fuzzification of pairwise comparisons in analytic hierarchy process add any value? Soft Computing, 28 . pp. 4267-4284. ISSN 1432-7643 (Print) 1433-7479 (Online)

Ak, Gunes and Tüfekci, Enis Fuat and Mustafa, Ahmed M. and Caprioli, Giovanni and Altunoglu, Yasemin Celik and Baloğlu, Mehmet Cengiz and Cakılcıoglu, Ugur and Polat, Rıdvan and Darendelioglu, Ekrem and Zengin, Gokhan (2024) Exploring sorbus torminalis leaves: unveiling a promising natural resource for diverse chemical and biological applications. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 21 (2). ISSN 1612-1872 (Print) 1612-1880 (Online)

Akbari, Vahid and Çatay, Bülent and Sadati, İhsan (2024) Route optimization of battery electric vehicles using dynamic charging on electrified roads. Sustainable Cities and Society, 109 . ISSN 2210-6707

Akçapınar, Kudret and Önhon, Naime Özben and Gürbüz, Özgür and Çetin, Müjdat (2024) Plug-and-play ADMM based radar range profile reconstruction using deep priors. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 142 . pp. 183-193. ISSN 1937-8718

Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Özcan-Tok, Elif (2024) Impact of municipality-run discount stalls on price formation across the food supply chain. Food Policy, 125 . ISSN 0306-9192

Akhlaghi, Omid and Camposilvan, Erik and Garnier, Vincent and Goharibajestani, Zahra and Khabbazabkenar, Sirous and Ow-Yang, Cleva W. and Jorand, Yves and Gremillard, Laurent and Chevalier, Jérôme (2024) Conventional sintering of nano-crystalline Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia enables high-strength, highly translucent and opalescent dental ceramics. Dental Materials . ISSN 0109-5641 Published Online First

Akın Ateş, Melek and Luzzini, Davide (2024) Untying the Gordian knot: a systematic review and integrative framework of supply network complexity. Journal of Business Logistics, 45 (1). ISSN 0735-3766 (Print) 2158-1592 (Online)

Aksoy, Emre and Yavuz, Caner and Yagiz, Ayten Kübra and Unel, Necdet Mehmet and Baloğlu, Mehmet Cengiz (2024) Genome-wide characterization and expression analysis of GATA transcription factors under combination of light wavelengths and drought stress in potato. Plant Direct, 8 (4). ISSN 2475-4455

Aktas, Ethem Utku and Cakmak, Ebru and Inan, Mete Cihad and Yılmaz, Cemal (2024) Improving the quality of software issue report descriptions in Turkish: an industrial case study at Softtech. Empirical Software Engineering, 29 (2). ISSN 1382-3256 (Print) 1573-7616 (Online)

Al Kateeb, Anfal Izaldeen Mutar and Tüfekci, Enis Fuat and Altunoglu, Yasemin Celik and Baloğlu, Mehmet Cengiz and Nilofar, Nilufar and Yıldıztugay, Evren and Jekő, József and Cziáky, Zoltán and Zengin, Gokhan (2024) Multidirectional research for the therapeutic potential of Phlomoides molucelloides (Bunge) Salmaki: LC-MS/MS, antioxidant, enzyme inhibition, and antiproliferative characteristics. Process Biochemistry, 143 . pp. 302-314. ISSN 1359-5113

Al-Bujasim, Mohammed and Gencten, Metin and Dönmez, Koray Bahadır and Arvas, Melih B. and Karatepe, Nilgun and Sahin, Yucel (2024) A tripartite composite incorporating nitrogen-doped graphene oxide, polypyrrole, and silica for lithium-ion battery anodes. ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 13 (5). ISSN 2162-8769 (Print) 2162-8777 (Online)

Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Kheyabani, Aryan and Kefal, Adnan and Topal, Serra and Yıldız, Mehmet (2024) Effective multiscale structural analysis of thick sandwich structures with 3D woven composite face sheets and a soft core based on coupled micromechanics and refined zigzag theory. Composite Structures, 337 . ISSN 0263-8223 (Print) 1879-1085 (Online)

Alan, Salih and Shaban, Nefize and Kızıltaş, Güllü and Bediz, Bekir (2024) Concurrent stacking sequence and layout optimization of stiffened composite plates using a spectral element method and an index-based optimization technique. Composite Structures, 327 . ISSN 0263-8223 (Print) 1879-1085 (Online)

Alaş, Melis Özge and Güngör, Ahmet and Aktürk, Merve and Erdem, Emre and Genç, Rükan (2024) Unlocking the full potential of citric acid-synthesized carbon dots as a supercapacitor electrode material via surface functionalization. Nanoscale, 16 (2). pp. 719-733. ISSN 2040-3364 (Print) 2040-3372 (Online)

Alatas, Yagmur Ceren and Tefek, Uzay and Sarı, Burak and Hanay, Mehmet Selim (2024) Microwave resonators enhanced with 3D liquid-metal electrodes for microparticle sensing in microfluidic applications. IEEE Journal of Microwaves, 4 (1). pp. 139-146. ISSN 2692-8388

Alev, Onur and Özdemir, Okan and Arslan, Leyla Çolakerol and Goldenberg, Eda (2024) Effect of process parameters on structural and optical properties of sputter deposited WS2 films. Vacuum, 222 . ISSN 0042-207X (Print) 1879-2715 (Online)

Ali, Basit and Özkan, Sena Nur and Kerimzade, Umut and Nasr Esfahani, Mohammad and Akinci, Seckin and Leblebici, Yusuf and Öztürk, Ece and Alaca, B. Erdem (2024) Stencil-based selective surface functionalization of silicon nanowires in 3D device architectures for next-generation biochemical sensors. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 7 (9). pp. 10634-10647. ISSN 2574-0970

Alkan, Sezel and Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Kalaycı, Tekgül and Meidl, Wilfried (2024) Bent partitions and LP-packings. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory . ISSN 0018-9448 (Print) 1557-9654 (Online) Published Online First

Alp, Nihan and Lale, Gülce and Saglam, Ceren and Sayim, Bilge (2024) Author correction: The effect of processing partial information in dynamic face perception (Scientific Reports, (2024), 14, 1, (9794), 10.1038/s41598-024-58605-7). Scientific Reports, 14 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Alp, Nihan and Lale, Gülce and Saglam, Ceren and Sayim, Bilge (2024) The effect of processing partial information in dynamic face perception. Scientific Reports, 14 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Altun, Hamza Yusuf and Seçilmiş, Melike and Yang, Fan and Akgül Çağlar, Tüba and Vatandaşlar, Emre and Toy, Muhammed Fatih and Vilain, Sven and Mann, Giovanni E. and Öztürk, Gürkan and Eroğlu, Emrah (2024) Visualizing hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide dynamics in endothelial cells using multispectral imaging under controlled oxygen conditions. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 221 . pp. 89-97. ISSN 0891-5849 (Print) 1873-4596 (Online)

Amir, Muhammad and Butt, Rizwan Aslam and Naqvi, Shenela and Hasany, Syed Farhan (2024) Powering of IOTs through single jersey wearable tribo-electric nano generator. Engineering Research Express, 6 (1). ISSN 2631-8695

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Kalaycı, Tekgül and Meidl, Wilfried (2024) Amorphic association schemes from bent partitions. Discrete Mathematics, 347 (1). ISSN 0012-365X (Print) 1872-681X (Online)

Anbar Meidl, Nurdagül and Kalaycı, Tekgül and Yurdakul, Nihal (2024) On the classification of non-exceptional APN functions. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing . ISSN 0938-1279 (Print) 1432-0622 (Online) Published Online First

Arat, Refik and Fidan, Tuçe and Yüce, Meral and Kurt, Hasan and Bayazıt, Mustafa Kemal (2024) Non-destructive covalent surface alkylation of graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic dye degradation in water. FlatChem, 43 . ISSN 2452-2627

Arıtürk, Gizem Semra and Bilge, Kaan and Seven, Senem Avaz and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. (2024) Morphological adaptation of expanded vermiculite in polylactic acid and polypropylene matrices for superior thermoplastic composites. Polymer Composites, 45 (6). pp. 5043-5050. ISSN 0272-8397 (Print) 1548-0569 (Online)

Arıtürk, Gizem Semra and Girişken, Çağla and Bilge, Kaan and Yargici Kovanci, Ceren and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Avaz Seven, Senem (2024) Hybrid green composites of PLA incorporated with upcycled waste cellulose and vermiculite. European Polymer Journal, 203 . ISSN 0014-3057 (Print) 1873-1945 (Online)

Arlı, Cihan and Atılgan, Ali Rana and Mısırlıoğlu, Burç (2024) Extended contributions to the pyroelectric effect in ferroelectric thin films. Applied Physics Letters, 124 (6). ISSN 0003-6951 (Print) 1077-3118 (Online)

Artut, Selçuk (2024) The art scene turning into an increasingly tech- and asset-driven world. In: Prague - Heritages, Prague

Atçıl, Abdurrahman and Markiewicz, Christopher (2024) Shari'a and governance in Ottoman Egypt: the waqf controversy in the mid-sixteenth century. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 56 (1). pp. 55-74. ISSN 0020-7438 (Print) 1471-6380 (Online)

Ateş, Ayşenur and Yağcı, Vedat and Malyemez, Muhammed Çağlar and Parlak, Murat and Sadaghiani, Abdolali Khalili and Koşar, Ali (2024) Flow dynamics characteristics of flow boiling in minichannels with distributed pin fin structures. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 199 . ISSN 1290-0729 (Print) 1778-4166 (Online)

Atılgan, Yiğit and Demirtaş, Özgür and Günaydın, A. Doruk and Öztekin, Mustafa (2024) Performance implications of hedging with industry ETFs. Global Finance Journal, 61 . ISSN 1044-0283

Ay, Ayşe and Arel, Işık and Dumanli, Ahu Gümrah and Akbulut, Özge (2024) Coaxial direct ink writing of core-shell meshes enables zero-waste room temperature encapsulation of multivariate fertilizers. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 691 . ISSN 0927-7757 (Print) 1873-4359 (Online)

Ayaz, Armaghan and Balazadeh Koucheh, Amin and Şendur, Kürşat (2024) Broadband-tunable vanadium dioxide (VO2)-based linear optical cavity sensor. Nanomaterials, 14 (4). ISSN 2079-4991

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Ayyildiz, Ferhat and Özalp Türetgen, Ilknur and Bayazıt, Mahmut (2024) Effects of stereotype threat on women's leadership aspirations and affective responses: the role of stigma consciousness. Psychological Reports . ISSN 0033-2941 (Print) 1558-691X (Online) Published Online First


Baç, Mehmet (2024) Ex ante transparency and corruption by networks. Economica, 91 (363). pp. 1023-1046. ISSN 0013-0427 (Print) 1468-0335 (Online)

Bahadoran, Ashkan and Ajinkya, Nene and Sharghi, Mohammadreza and Hasanvandian, Farzad and Wang, Yan and Chen, Huiwen and Namvari, Mina and Kakavandi, Babak and Marsili, Enrico and Galluzzi, Massimiliano and Ramakrishna, Seeram (2024) Unlocking the potential of V2O5 decorated on crossed g-C3N4 monolayers derived from synergistic bio-transformation of ZnMn2O4 for antibiotic photodegradation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A . ISSN 2050-7488 (Print) 2050-7496 (Online) Published Online First

Balazadeh Koucheh, Amin and Keçebaş, Muhammed Ali and Şendur, Kürşat (2024) Adjoint-based optimization of dielectric coatings for refractory metals to achieve broadband spectral reflection. Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics, 41 (2). A98-A107. ISSN 0740-3224 (Print) 1520-8540 (Online)

Barzegar Osgouei, Ali and Karimi, Sasan and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Yıldız, Mehmet (2024) Enhancing interlaminar bonding quality estimation in laser-assisted fiber placement of CF/PEKK composites: a correction factor approach for improved prediction of intimate contact. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 181 . ISSN 1359-835X (Print) 1878-5840 (Online)

Başkan Bayrak, Havva and Karakas, Hale (2024) Morphology and chemical structure of a wool fiber. In: Jose, Seiko and Thomas, Sabu and Basu, Gautam, (eds.) The Wool Handbook: Morphology, Structure, Properties, Processing, and Applications. Textile Institute Book Series. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 181-194. ISBN 9780323995993 (Print) 9780323995986 (Online)

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Bayazıt, Mahmut and Czukor, Gergely and Dural Şenoğuz, Uzay and Özalp Türetgen, İlknur (2024) Backlash towards male versus female leaders' interpersonal emotion management strategy use: the role of followers' gender-based leadership stereotypes. Asian Journal of Social Psychology . ISSN 1367-2223 (Print) 1467-839X (Online) Published Online First

Bayındır, Oğuz and Ersin, Emre and Nazır, Hasan and Atakol, Orhan and Çelikkan, Hüseyin (2024) Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterizations of copper complexes with thionine, azure C and azure A. Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 38 (3). ISSN 0268-2605 (Print) 1099-0739 (Online)

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Berksöz, Melike and Atılgan, Canan (2024) Allosteric modulation of fluorescence revealed by hydrogen bond dynamics in a genetically encoded maltose biosensor. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics . ISSN 0887-3585 (Print) 1097-0134 (Online) Published Online First

Bhatia, Saurabh and Shah, Yasir Abbas and Al-Harrasi, Ahmed and Jawad, Muhammad and Khan, Talha Shireen and Alam, Tanveer and Dıblan, Sevgin and Koca, Esra and Aydemir, Levent Yurdaer (2024) Pectin/sodium alginate films tailored with Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid for active packaging. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 261 (Part 1). ISSN 0141-8130 (Print) 1879-0003 (Online)

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Booth, Robert and Mackintosh, Bundy and Hasşerbetçi, Servet (2024) Probability, cost, and interpretation biases' relationships with depressive and anxious symptom severity: differential mediation by worry and repetitive negative thinking. Cognition and Emotion . ISSN 0269-9931 (Print) 1464-0600 (Online) Published Online First

Bostan, Nilay and Karahan, Canan and Sargın, Ozan (2024) Inflation in symmergent metric-Palatini gravity. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2024 (2). ISSN 1475-7516

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