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Artan, Tülay (2006) Osmanlı elitinin yemek tüketiminin bazı yönleri (Değişken bir yüzyılda temel gıdalar, lüks tatlar ve tadımlıkların izinde I). Yemek ve Kültür, 6 . pp. 36-62. ISSN 1305-2780

Artan, Tülay (2006) Osmanlı elitinin yemek tüketiminin bazı yönleri (Değişken bir yüzyılda temel gıdalar, lüks tatlar ve tadımlıkların izinde II). Yemek ve Kültür, 7 . pp. 48-95. ISSN 1305-2780

Ozil, Ayşe (2020) A traveller in one's homeland: local interest in archaeology and travel writing in the Ottoman Greek world in 19th century Anatolia. Adalya, 23 . pp. 497-515. ISSN 1301-2746

Ozil, Ayşe (2022) Greek personal names and the question of personal identification in the late Ottoman Empire: a social historical approach. Turkish Historical Review, 13 (3). pp. 399-417. ISSN 1877-5454 (Print) 1877-5462 (Online)


Somel, Selçuk Akşin and Ünüvar, Kerem (2010) Osmanlı'da eğitimin modernleşmesi, 1839-1908: islâmlaşma, otokrasi ve disiplin. Ünüvar, Kerem, (ed.) İletişim Yayınları; 1461. Araştırma-İnceleme Dizisi; 244. İletişim Yayınları, İstanbul. ISBN 9789750507502

Book Section / Chapter

Artan, Tülay (2010) Ahmed I and "tuhfetü'l-mülûk ve's-selâtin": a period manuscript on horses, horsemanship and hunting. In: Faroqhi, Suraiya, (ed.) Animals and People in the Ottoman Empire. Eren Yayıncılık, İstanbul, pp. 235-269. ISBN 9789756372432

Artan, Tülay (2011) Royal weddings and the Grand Vezirate: institutional and symbolic change in the early eighteenth century. In: Duindam, Jeroen and Artan, Tülay and Kunt, Metin, (eds.) Royal Courts in Dynastic States and Empires: A Global Perspective. Rulers & Elites Comparative Studies in Governance; 1. Brill, Boston, pp. 339-399. ISBN 9789004206229

Ozil, Ayşe (2022) Ligor Efendi at the head of an Ottoman municipality: Greek christians and the state in the late Ottoman Empire. In: Arapoglou, Evita, (ed.) Asia Minor Hellenism: Essays and Reflections. Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, pp. 51-58. ISBN 978-960-476-312-2

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2009) Die Deutschen an der "Pforte der glückseligkeit": kulturelle und soziale begegnungen mit Istanbuler Türken zwischen 1870 und 1918 = Almanlar Dersaadet'te: 1870-1918 devresi İstanbul'unda Almanlarla Osmanlıların kültürel ve toplumsal buluşma deneyimi. In: Kummer, Matthias von, (ed.) Deutsche Prasenz am Bosporus: 130 Jahre Kaiserliches Botschaftspalais, 120 Jahre Historische Sommerresidenz des Deutschen Botschafters in Tarabya. Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, İstanbul, pp. 35-65. ISBN 978-975-807-2354

Book Review

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2010) "Boğaziçi'ndeki Almanya" başlıklı makale derlemesinin ve Beyoğlu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi'nde açılan "Boğaziçi'ndeki Almanya" sergisinin tanıtımı. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2010) Bir etnik grup olarak Levantenler. [Book Review]

Yelçe, Zeynep Nevin (2022) Dictionary of Italian-Turkish language (1641) by Giovanni Molino: transcripted, reversed, and annotated. [Book Review]


Ayak, Nuriye Nur (2018) How do Syrian refugee women reconstruct their lives in Turkey?: an analysis of attitudes, beliefs and experiences of Syrian refugee women on child education and child labor. [Thesis]

Bakali, Magdalini (2018) Perspectives on Greek national identity in the light of an İstanbul Greek newspaper, 1908-1911. [Thesis]

Bobbitt, Catherine Elizabeth (2011) Monument to the nation: the changing face of war memorials in Gallipoli. [Thesis]

Crummey, Nicholas Mazer (2016) Cosmopolitan facades: historical diversity as a tool of exclusion and destruction in the tarlabaşı urban renewal project. [Thesis]

Çakmur, Onur (2018) Liberal criticism toward the unionist policies during the great war: Ali Kemal and the Sabah / Peyam-ı Sabah newspaper. [Thesis]

Çalık, Özgün (2016) Magical identities: alternative witchcraft spiritualities through the lens of Turkish youth. [Thesis]

Çalışkan Ciğer, Saadet (2016) DWW's humanitarian space in Turkish foreign policy. [Thesis]

Demirkol, Büşra (2017) Modernization in the legal field during the late Ottoman era and its impact on the state perception of women on the margins. [Thesis]

Edeer, Merve (2023) Perceptions on social assistance dependency and voting behavior. [Thesis]

Edlund, Julia Anny Maria (2013) Constructing the ''honor killing'': an analysis of framing in Swedish newspaper media. [Thesis]

El Bakri, Alia Arafat (2013) Script and identity: Arab intellectual perspectives on the Turkish alphabet reform. [Thesis]

Erkan, Hakan Sezgin (2016) TİKA: development assistances as a case of implementing soft power in Turkish foreign policy. [Thesis]

Fields, Daniel Steven (2013) State imposed place name change in Turkey and the response of Giresun residents. [Thesis]

Gisclon, Megan Elizabeth (2015) A gradual declension: civil-military relations and the AKP, 2002-2007. [Thesis]

Güçlü, Ali Murat (2019) Internal party democracy in Turkey: theory, prospect and problems. [Thesis]

Gündoğdu, Gökçe (2017) Orientalism and the Kurdish question in Turkey: Kemalist women's discourses on Kurdish women in the 1990s. [Thesis]

Haimes, Andrew David (2014) American-Turkish relations in the 1990s: continuities and changes in the post-cold war era. [Thesis]

İnanır, Mehmet Efe (2018) Before and after the first Turkish coup d'etat: changing political attitudes of the newspaper "Yeni Sabah" during and after 27 May 1960. [Thesis]

İyiiş, Kübra (2015) An appraisal of the impact of reform on society: the case of early Tanzimat, 1839-1856. [Thesis]

Jensen, Amy Lynn (2017) The sociolinguistic role of Ottoman Turkish and Arabic in Turkish nationalism. [Thesis]

Khachatryan, Sona (2015) Dr. Riza Nur and his relationship to the Turkish history thesis. [Thesis]

Kızmaz, Can Erhan (2018) Multicultural literature and the debates around a single literary canon in Turkey. [Thesis]

Korkmaz, Emre Eren (2013) Globalization, global labor movement and transnational solidarity campaigns: a comparative analysis of three solidarity campaigns in Turkey. [Thesis]

Möhr, Sarah Miriam (2011) The elimination of Armenians and Greeks as part of Turkish nation building. [Thesis]

Noyan, İsmail (2018) Ahmet Cevdet Pasha and change: a three-tiered approach. [Thesis]

Osterlund, Paul Benjamin (2013) Musealization as a strategic component of urban transformation in 21st century Istanbul. [Thesis]

Şen, Ayşe Irmak (2017) The vicious circle of comparison: creative labor and occidentalism in documentary filmmaking in Turkey. [Thesis]

Şimşir, Hüsamettin (2018) The arsenite schism and the Babai rebellion: two case studies in center-periphery relations. [Thesis]

Tatoğlu, Hande (2014) Formation of the first legal opposition to secularism in Turkey: The Journal Büyük Doğu (Great East) in the period of transition to democracy (1945-1950). [Thesis]

Terzic, Mihailo (2011) Role of the military in Turkish politics: case of the 1980 military coup. [Thesis]

Tokat, Saniye Burcu (2014) The poetics and politics of the uncanny in Sevim Burak's works. [Thesis]

Ünal, Aycan (2018) The need to apologize: a study on the political apologies in the world and their comparison with the Turkish non-apologies. [Thesis]

Wolf, Silvia Ilonka (2015) 'We are all animals': the emergence of the grassroots nonhuman animal rights movement in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Yerli, Didem (2015) Mehmed Nadir and his periodical the Nümune-i Terakki within the context of the Hamidian era. [Thesis]

Zacchi, Laura (2014) Home, belonging and collage-identities: a case study on second generation Turks in modena. [Thesis]

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