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Akkoç, Yunus and Tekirdağ Koşar, Kumsal Ayşe and Doğan Ekici, Asiye Işın and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) MIR376B in breast cancer. In: 6th Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress, Konya, Turkey

Akkoç, Yunus and Tekirdağ Koşar, Kumsal Ayşe and Doğan Ekici, Asiye Işın and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Microrna376 family and cancer. In: 1st International Cell Death Research Congress, Izmir, Turkey

Akpınar, Bala Anı and Budak, Hikmet (2016) Dissecting miRNAs in wheat d genome progenitor, aegilops tauschii. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 . ISSN 1664-462X (Print) 1664-462X (Online)

Asif, Muhammad and Tunç, Cevza Esin and Rehman, Abdul and Öztürk, Levent (2016) Interactive effect of elevated carbon dioxide and boron toxicity on wheat growth. In: International Symposium on Boron in Agriculture, Ankara, Turkey

Atasever-Arslan, Belkıs and Yılancıoğlu, Kaan and Kalkan, Zeynep and Timuçin, Ahmet Can and Gür, Hazal and Işık, Fatma Büşra and Deniz, Emre and Erman, Batu and Çetiner, Selim (2016) Screening of new antileukemic agents from essential oils of algae extracts and computational modeling of their interactions with intracellular signaling nodes. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 83 . pp. 120-131. ISSN 0928-0987 (Print) 1879-0720 (Online)

Avşar, Bihter and Karmous, Ines and Çolak, Ersoy and Sayers, Zehra (2016) A comparative study of gamma subunits of A. thaliana and O. sativa. In: 60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Los Angeles, CA

Avşar, Bihter and Sayers, Zehra (2016) Structural studies on gamma subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins in Oryza sativa. In: FEBS Congress 2016, Ephesus, Kuşadası Turkey (Accepted)


Bayraktar, Öznur and Oral, Özlem and Kocatürk, Nur Mehpare and Akkoç, Yunus and Eberhart, Karin and Koşar, Ali and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) IBMPFD disease-causing mutant VCP/p97 proteins are targets of autophagic-lysosomal degradation. PLoS One, 11 (10). ISSN 1932-6203

Bodur, Çağrı and Karakaş, Bahriye and Timuçin, Ahmet Can and Tezil, Tuğsan and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) AMP-activated protein kinase couples 3-bromopyruvate-induced energy depletion to apoptosis via activation of FoxO3a and upregulation of proapoptotic Bcl-2 proteins. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 55 (11). pp. 1584-1597. ISSN 1098-2744 (Print) 1098-2744 (Online)

Bulut, Reyyan Fatima (2016) Genome-wide microRNA identification in drought tolerant wild emmer wheat: assesment of antimicrobial activity of surface active antimic agent on raw fruit and vegetable packaging. [Thesis]


Ceylan, Yasemin and Kutman, Ümit Barış and Mengütay, Melis and Çakmak, İsmail (2016) Magnesium applications to growth medium and foliage affect the starch distribution, increase the grain size and improve the seed germination in wheat. Plant and Soil, 406 (1-2). pp. 145-156. ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Chandrasekaran, Sriram and Çokol Çakmak, Melike and Şahin, Nil and Yılancıoğlu, Kaan and Kazan, Hilal and Collins, James J. and Çokol, Murat (2016) Chemogenomics and orthology-based design of antibiotic combination therapies. Molecular Systems Biology, 12 (5). ISSN 1744-4292


David, Iulia Gabriela and Buleandra, Mihaela and Popa, Dana Elena and Bizgan, Ana-Maria Cristina and Moldovan, Zenovia and Badea, Irinel-Adriana and Iorgulescu, Emilia Elena and Tekiner, Tuğçe Ayça and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) Voltammetric determination of polyphenolic content as rosmarinic acid equivalent in tea samples using pencil graphite electrodes. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 53 (6). pp. 2589-2596. ISSN 0022-1155 (Print) 0975-8402 (Online)


Elitaş, Meltem and Zeinali, Soheila (2016) Modeling and simulation of EGF-CSF-1 pathway to investigate Glioma - Macrophage interaction in brain tumors. International Journal of Cancer Studies & Research (IJCR): Special Issue On "Advances in Brain Cancer Research", 5 . pp. 1-8. ISSN 2167-9118

Erbil, Seçil and Oral, Özlem and Mitou, Geraldine and Kığ, Cenk and Durmaz, Emel and Güven-Maiorov, Emine and Gülaçtı, Ferah and Gökçe, Gökçen and Dengjel, Jön and Sezerman, Uğur and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) RACK1 is an interaction partner of ATG5 and a novel regulator of autophagy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291 (32). pp. 16753-16765. ISSN 0021-9258 (Print) 1083-351X (Online)


Ghorbani, Morteza and Alcan, Gökhan and Ünel, Mustafa and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Ekici, Sinan and Üvet, Hüseyin and Şabanoviç, Asif and Koşar, Ali (2016) Visualization of microscale cavitating flow regimes via particle shadow sizing imaging and vision based estimation of the cone angle. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 78 . pp. 322-333. ISSN 0894-1777 (Print) 1879-2286 (Online) Published Online First

Ghorbani, Morteza and Oral, Özlem and Ekici, Sinan and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Koşar, Ali (2016) Review on lithotripsy and cavitation in urinary stone therapy. IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, 9 . pp. 264-283. ISSN 1937-3333 (Print) 1941-1189 (Online)

Gomez-Coronado, Francisco and Poblaciones, Maria J. and Almeida, Ana S. and Çakmak, İsmail (2016) Zinc (Zn) concentration of bread wheat grown under Mediterranean conditions as affected by genotype and soil/foliar Zn application. Plant and Soil, 401 (1-2). pp. 331-346. ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Novel ATG5 interactors in the control of basic autophagy and mitophagy. In: 41st FEBS Congress on Molecular and Systems Biology for a Better Life, Kusadasi, Turkey

Green, Hilary and Broun, Pierre and Çakmak, İsmail and Condon, Liam and Fedoroff, Nina and Gonzalez-Valero, Juan and Graham, Ian and Lewis, Josette and Moloney, Maurice and Oniang'o, Ruth K. and Sanginga, Nteranya and Shewry, Peter and Roulin, Anne (2016) Planting seeds for the future of food. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 96 (5). pp. 1409-1414. ISSN 0022-5142 (Print) 1097-0010 (Online)


Hussain, Babar and Yüce, Meral and Ullah, Naimat and Budak, Hikmet (2016) Bioconjugated nanomaterials for monitoring food contamination. In: Grumezescu, Alexandru, (ed.) Nanobiosensors. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 93-123. ISBN 9780128043011 (Print) 9780128043721 (Online)


Karmous, Ines and Çolak, Ersoy and Sayers, Zehra (2016) The structure of the alpha subunit and its role in G protein signaling in plants. In: 41st FEBS Congress, Kuşadası, Turkey

Kim, Junyoung and Karakaş Schüller, Hacer Ezgi and Choi, Yongjun and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Cho, Yoon-Kyoung (2016) Monitoring single tumor interactions with fibroblasts in autophagy activation. In: 8th International Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology (MMB), Seoul, S. Korea

Klionsky, Daniel J. and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Budak, Hikmet and Autophagy, Consortium (2016) Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition). Autophagy, 12 (1). pp. 1-222. ISSN 1554-8627 (Print) 1554-8635 (Online)

Kurt, Hasan and Yüce, Meral and Hussain, Babar and Budak, Hikmet (2016) Dual-excitation upconverting nanoparticle and quantum dot aptasensor for multiplexed food pathogen detection. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 81 . pp. 280-286. ISSN 0956-5663 (Print) 1873-4235 (Online)


Lucas, Stuart J. and Türkeç, Aydın and Karlık, Elif (2016) The future of GM foods or GM foods of the future: where is the biotech revolution heading? In: Bagchi, Debasis and Swaroop, Anand, (eds.) Food Toxicology. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FA, USA, pp. 519-537. ISBN 9781498708746


Mokkapati, V. R. S. S. and Taşlı, Neslihan P. and Khan, Zaeema and Tufani, Ali and Pandit, Santosh and Budak, Hikmet and Şahin, Fikrettin (2016) NaB integrated graphene oxide membranes for enhanced cell viability and stem cell properties of human adipose stem cells. RSC Advances, 6 (61). pp. 56159-56165. ISSN 2046-2069 (Print) 2046-2069 (Online)


Oral, Özlem and Akkoç, Yunus and Bayraktar, Öznur and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Physiological and pathological significance of the molecular cross-talk between autophagy and apoptosis. Histology and Histopathology, 31 (5). pp. 479-498. ISSN 0213-3911 (Print) 1699-5848 (Online)

Oral, Özlem and Bayraktar, Öznur and Yücel, Aysel and Dökmeci, Serap and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Molecular significance of autophagy in Gaucher disease. In: 1st International Cell Death Research Congress, İzmir, Turkey

Oral, Özlem and Demir, Hülya and Yüce, Aysel and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Dökmeci Emre, Serap (2016) Gaucher hastalığı patolojisinde otofaji moleküler mekanizması. In: V.Uluslararası Katılımlı Lizozomal Hastalıklar Kongresi, Bodrum, Muğla, Türkiye

Oral, Özlem and Kılıç, Seval and Yedier, Özlem and Dökmeci, Serap and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Effect of serine/threonine kinases on autophagy mechanism. International Journal of Biomedical and Biological Engineering, 3 (10).

Oral, Özlem and Sarafi, Parisa and Yüce, Aysel and Gözüaçık, Devrim and Dökmeci, Serap (2016) Molecular mechanism of autophagic pathway in Gaucher cells. In: SSIEM Annual Symposium 2016, Rome, Italy

Oral, Özlem and Taşkın, Emre and Yüce, Aysel and Dökmeci, Serap and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) Significance of molecular autophagic pathway in Gaucher disease pathology. International Journal of Biomedical and Biological Engineering, 3 (10).

Oruç, Tuğçe (2016) Lipid bilayer permeation of an aliphatic amine drug: modeling with molecular dynamics simulations and kinetic rate equations. [Thesis]

Oruç, Tuğçe and Küçük, Sami Emre and Sezer, Deniz (2016) Lipid bilayer permeation of aliphatic amine and carboxylic acid drugs: rates of insertion, translocation and dissociation from MD simulations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (35). pp. 24511-24525. ISSN 1463-9076 (Print) 1463-9084 (Online)


Persson, Daniel Pergament and De Bang, Thomas C. and Pedas, Pai R. and Kutman, Ümit Barış and Çakmak, İsmail and Andersen, Birgit and Finnie, Christine and Schjoerring, Jan K. and Husted, Soren (2016) Molecular speciation and tissue compartmentation of zinc in durum wheat grains with contrasting nutritional status. New Phytologist, 211 (4). pp. 1255-1265. ISSN 0028-646X (Print) 1469-8137 (Online)


Ram, H. and Rashid, A. and Zhang, W. and Duarte, A. P. and Phattarakul, N. and Simunji, S. and Kalaycı, M. and Freitas, R. and Rerkasem, B. and Bal, R. S. and Mahmood, K. and Savaslı, E. and Lungu, O. and Wang, Z. H. and De Barros, V. L. N. P. and Malik, S. S. and Arısoy, R. Z. and Guo, J. X. and Sohu, V. S. and Zou, C. Q. and Çakmak, İsmail (2016) Biofortification of wheat, rice and common bean by applying foliar zinc fertilizer along with pesticides in seven countries. Plant and Soil, 403 (1-2). pp. 389-401. ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Richardson, Kirill and Bennion, Owen T. and Tan, Shumin and Hoang, Anh N. and Çokol, Murat and Aldridge, Bree B. (2016) Temporal and intrinsic factors of rifampicin tolerance in mycobacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (29). pp. 8302-8307. ISSN 0027-8424

Ricroch, Agnes and Harwood, Wendy and Svobodova, Zdeňka and Sagi, László and Hundleby, Penelope and Badea, Elena Marcela and Rosca, Iona and Cruz, Gabriela and Salema Fevereiro, Manuel Pedro and Marfa Riera, Victoria and Jansson, Stefan and Morandini, Piero and Bojinov, Bojin and Çetiner, Selim and Custers, René and Schrader, Uwe and Jacobsen, Hans-Joerg and Martin-Laffon, Jacqueline and Boisron, Audrey and Kuntz, Marcel (2016) Challenges facing European agriculture and possible biotechnological solutions. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, 36 (5). pp. 875-883. ISSN 0738-8551 (Print) 1549-7801 (Online)


Sayers, Zehra and Avşar, Bihter and Çolak, Ersoy and Karmous, Ines (2016) Application of advanced x-ray methods in life sciences. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects . ISSN 0304-4165 (Print) 1872-8006 (Online) Published Online First

Shamloo, Bahar (2016) Characterization of the C-terminal domain of the P53 tumor suppressor. [Thesis]


Tekdal, Dilek (2016) Histological analysis of hybrids from vuralia turcica and vicia faba. In: TWAS/BioVisionAlexandria.NXT 2016: Research Ethics and Social Responsibility, Alexandria, Egypt

Tekdal, Dilek and Çetiner, Selim (2016) Comparison of plant regeneration status of ovules extracted from pistils having a different number of full-developed carpel in thermopsis turcica. In: 9th International Symposium on In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding (9th IVCHB-Egypt2016), Egypt (Accepted)

Tekdal, Dilek and Çetiner, Selim (2016) Investigation of intergeneric crossability of Vicia faba L. and Thermopsis turcica Kit Tan, Vural et Küçüködük. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution . ISSN 0925-9864 (Print) 1573-5109 (Online) Published Online First

Tekdal, Dilek and Sarlar, Su (2016) Yerel asma genetik kaynakları ve önemi. Bağbahçe Bilim Dergisi, 3 (3). pp. 20-26. ISSN 2148-4015

Tekirdağ Koşar, Kumsal Ayşe and Akkoç, Yunus and Koşar, Ali and Gözüaçık, Devrim (2016) MIR376 family and cancer. Histology and Histopathology, 31 (8). pp. 841-855. ISSN 0213-3911 (Print) 1699-5848 (Online)

Timuçin, Ahmet Can and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) SIRT6 is a positive regulator of aldose reductase expression in U937 and HeLa cells under osmotic stress: in vitro and in silico insights. PLoS One, 11 (8). ISSN 1932-6203

Toprakhisar, Burak (2016) Development of tendon derived natural extracellular matrix hydrogels for 3D bioprinting applications. [Thesis]

Traenkner, Merle and Jakli, Balint and Tavakol, Ershad and Geilfus, Christoph-Martin and Çakmak, İsmail and Dittert, Klaus and Şenbayram, Mehmet (2016) Magnesium deficiency decreases biomass water-use efficiency and increases leaf water-use efficiency and oxidative stress in barley plants. Plant and Soil, 406 (1-2). pp. 409-423. ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Tunç, Cevza Esin and Asif, Muhammad and Öztürk, Levent (2016) Elevated CO2 increases boron requirement of wheat plants. In: International Symposium on Boron in Agriculture, Ankara, Turkey

Türkeç, Aydın and Lucas, Stuart J. and Karacanlı, Burçin and Baykut, Aykut and Yüksel, Hakkı (2016) Assessment of a direct hybridization microarray strategy for comprehensive monitoring of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Food Chemistry, 194 . pp. 399-409. ISSN 0308-8146


Vuruşaner, Beyza and Gamba, Paola and Gargiulo, Simona and Testa, Gabriella and Staurenghi, Erica and Leonarduzzi, Gabriella and Poli, Giuseppe and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) Nrf2 antioxidant defense is involved in survival signaling elicited by 27-hydroxycholesterol in human promonocytic cells. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 91 . pp. 93-104. ISSN 0891-5849 (Print) 1873-4596 (Online)

Vuruşaner Aktaş, Beyza and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) Nrf2 antioxidant defense is involved insurvival signaling elicited by 27 hydroxycholesterol in human promonocytic cells. (Accepted)

Vuruşaner Aktaş, Beyza and Leonarduzzi, Gabriella and Gamba, Paola and Poli, Giuseppe and Başağa, Hüveyda (2016) Oxysterols and mechanisms of survival signaling. Molecular Aspects of Medicine, 49 . pp. 8-22. ISSN 0098-2997 (Print) 1872-9452 (Online)


Yılancıoğlu, Kaan and Tekin, H. O. and Çetiner, Selim (2016) Nitrogen source, an important determinant of fatty acid accumulation and profile in scenedesmus obliquus. In: 2nd International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN), Kemer, Turkey

Yılmaz, Özlem and Kahraman, Kadriye and Öztürk, Levent (2016) Elevated carbon dioxide exacerbates adverse effects of Mg deficiency in durum wheat. Plant and Soil . ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online) Published Online First


Çetin Karayumak, Süheyla (2016) Modeling of tubular structures and fibers in in vivo data: revealing asymmetry in human vasculature and white matter fiber tracts. [Thesis]

Çetiner, Selim (2016) Enteresan işler. Tarla Sera Dergisi . pp. 26-28. ISSN 1309-9116

Çetiner, Selim (2016) Patates de neymiş? Tarla Sera Dergisi . pp. 26-28. ISSN 1309-9116

Çetiner, Selim (2016) Patates nasıl Avrupalı oldu? Tarla Sera Dergisi . pp. 26-28. ISSN 1309-9116

Çetiner, Selim (2016) Tarımsal Ar-Ge mi dediniz? Tarla Sera Dergisi . pp. 26-28. ISSN 1309-9116

Çetiner, Selim (2016) Tarihsel süreçte patates tarımı ve kültür. Yemek ve Kültür (45). pp. 10-20. ISSN 1305-2780

Çokol Çakmak, Melike (2016) Systematic screen of double and triple drug combinations against erwinia amylovora, the causative agent for fire blight. [Thesis]

Çolak, Ersoy (2016) Heterotrimeric g-protein alpha (α) subunit from A. thaliana (AtGPA1) forms trimeric structures in solution. [Thesis]

Çolak, Ersoy and Karmous, Ines and Avşar, Bihter and Sayers, Zehra (2016) Heterotrimeric g-protein alpha (alpha) subunit from a. thaliana forms trimeric structures in solution. In: 60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Los Angeles, CA


Özer, Buğra (2016) Exploration of methylation-driven mechanisms in cancer. [Thesis]

Öztürk, Levent (2016) Bitki besleme ve topraklar. In: Türkan, İsmail, (ed.) Raven Bitki Biyolojisi. Palme Yayıncılık, Ankara, pp. 683-707. ISBN 978-605-355-518-6

Öztürk, Levent (2016) Bitkide su ve çözür maddelerin hareketi. In: Türkan, İsmail, (ed.) Raven Bitki Biyolojisi. Palme Yayıncılık, Ankara, pp. 708-727. ISBN 978-605-355-518-6


Üçer Şaylan, Defne and Sayers, Zehra and Alpar, M. Ali (2016) Bir çekirdek eğitim programı hikayesi: temel geliştirme programı (story of a core curriculum). (Accepted)

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