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Akgün, Sercan and Şenol, Cahit Orhun and Kılıç, Göktuğ and Tabrizi, Isa Emami and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) A novel damage evaluation of CFRPs under mode-I loading by using multi-instrument structural health monitoring methods. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 286 . ISSN 0013-7944

Aktürk, Merve and Kemal Gozuacik, Namik and Aleinawi, Mohamad and Rostas, Arpad Mihai and Alkoy, Sedat and Mensur, Ebru and Erdem, Emre (2023) Elucidating the capacitive behavior of Gd-doped BNT-BKT-BT electrodes in All-in-One supercapacitor devices. Physica Scripta, 98 (10). ISSN 0031-8949 (Print) 1402-4896 (Online)

Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Şenol, Halil and Topal, Serra and Ulus, Hasan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) The effect of multiscale Kevlar/Glass hybridization on the mechanical properties and the damage evolution of 3D orthogonal woven composites under flexural and impact loadings. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 175 . ISSN 1359-835X (Print) 1878-5840 (Online)

Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Şenol, Halil and Ulus, Hasan and Topal, Serra and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Acoustic emission analysis on mechanical properties and damage evolution of multiscale Kevlar/Glass hybrid 3D orthogonal woven composites under flexural loading. In: 7th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF) Conference, Spetses Island, Greece (Accepted)

Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Aydin, Mehmet Serhat and Awais Khan, Raja Muhammad and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) The role of "thickness effect" on the damage progression and crack growth inside the plain-woven carbon fiber composites. Composites Science and Technology, 241 . ISSN 0266-3538

Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Khan, Raja M. A. and Tabrizi, Isa E. and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) An experimental multi-instrumental approach to understand the size effect on the damage propagation of plain-woven CFRP composites under shear loading. Journal of Composite Materials, 57 (5). pp. 955-966. ISSN 0021-9983 (Print) 1530-793X (Online)

Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Kheyabani, Aryan and Akalın, Cagdas and Kefal, Adnan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Numerical and experimental methodologies to investigate the damage progression inside the axisymmetric composite cylinders with cutouts under torsion. Composite Structures, 315 . ISSN 0263-8223

Aliyeva, Nargiz and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Revolutionizing transportation composite structures: lightweight, sustainable, and multi-scale hybrid design through waste tire-driven graphene, hemp fiber, and bio-based overmoulding. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials . ISSN 0892-7057 (Print) 1530-7980 (Online) Published Online First

Altaf, Cigdem Tuc and Rostas, Arpad Mihai and Mihet, Maria and Lazar, Mihaela Diana and Iatsunskyi, Igor and Coy, Emerson and Erdem, Emre and Sankir, Mehmet and Sankir, Nurdan Demirci (2023) Erratum: Solar-assisted all-solid supercapacitors using composite nanostructures of ZnO nanowires with GO and rGO (Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2022) 10 (10748–10758) DOI: 10.1039/D2TC02114E). Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 11 (20). p. 6761. ISSN 2050-7526 (Print) 2050-7534 (Online)

Altunbek, Mine and Afghah, Seyedeh Ferdows and Fallah, Ali and Acar, Anıl Ahmet and Koç, Bahattin (2023) Design and 3D printing of personalized hybrid and gradient structures for critical size bone defects. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 6 (5). pp. 1873-1885. ISSN 2576-6422

Ammar, Ameen Uddin and Bakan Mısırlıoğlu, Feray and Aleinawi, Mohamad and Franzo, Giorgia and Condorelli, Guglielmo Guido and Yesilbag, Fatma Nur Tuzluca and Yesilbag, Yasar Ozkan and Mirabella, Salvo and Erdem, Emre (2023) All-in-one supercapacitors with high performance enabled by Mn/Cu doped ZnO and MXene. Materials Research Bulletin, 165 . ISSN 0025-5408

Avcıoğlu, Suna and Aktürk, Merve and Erdem, Emre and Kaya, Figen and Kaya, Cengiz (2023) Boron carbide as an electrode material: tailoring particle morphology to control capacitive behaviour. Materials, 16 (2). ISSN 1996-1944


Bagherzadeh, Amin and Budak, Erhan and Ozlu, Emre and Koç, Bahattin (2023) Machining behavior of Inconel 718 in hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 46 . pp. 178-190. ISSN 1755-5817

Başkan Bayrak, Havva and Aliyeva, Nargiz and Sorayani Bafqi, Mohammad Sajad and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Classification of waste plastics for dimension-controlled graphene growth on natural mineral substrates in terms of polymer processing and thermal techniques. In: Hussain, Chaudhery Mustansar and Srivastav, Ajeet Kumar and Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar and Tour, James M., (eds.) Graphene Extraction from Waste: A Sustainable Synthesis Approach for Graphene and Its Derivatives. Elsevier, pp. 117-149. ISBN 9780323909150 (Print) 9780323909143 (Online)

Batyrow, Merdan and Dericiler, Kuray and Palabiyik, Büşra Akkoca and Saner Okan, Burcu and Öztürk, Hande and Erucar, İlknur (2023) Combining tensile test results with atomistic predictions of elastic modulus of graphene/polyamide-6,6 nanocomposites. Materials Today Communications, 35 . ISSN 2352-4928

Behroozi Kohlan, Taha and Ateşpare, Asu Ece and Yıldız, Mehmet and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Ünal, Serkan and Dızman, Bekir (2023) Amphiphilic polyoxazoline copolymer-imidazole complexes as tailorable thermal latent curing agents for one-component epoxy resins. ACS Omega, 8 (49). pp. 47173-47186. ISSN 2470-1343


Daskalakis, Evangelos and Hassan, Mohamed H. and Omar, Abdalla M. and Acar, Anıl Ahmet and Fallah, Ali and Cooper, Glen and Weightman, Andrew and Blunn, Gordon and Koç, Bahattin and Bartolo, Paulo (2023) Accelerated degradation of poly-ε-caprolactone composite scaffolds for large bone defects. Polymers, 15 (3). ISSN 2073-4360

Dericiler, Kuray and Hezarkhani, Marjan and Emami Tabrizi, Isa and Doğan, Semih and Berktaş, İlayda and Erdem, Emre and Advani, Suresh G. and Yıldız, Mehmet and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Effect of interleaved electrolyte forms on macro-scaled structural hybrid supercapacitors with asymmetric configurations of graphene-coated carbon fabric electrodes. Applied Composite Materials . ISSN 0929-189X (Print) 1573-4897 (Online) Published Online First

Dericiler, Kuray and Zafar, Salman and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) The effect of reinforcement aspect ratio on the performance of PA66 composites with recycled carbon fiber and upcycled graphene nanoplatelets: an interface characterization from process to modeling. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 140 (35). ISSN 0021-8995 (Print) 1097-4628 (Online)


Erkoç İlter, Selda (2023) High flux zwitterionic hybrid cellulose acetate desalination membranes: formation of permeability-effective macropores by self-organizing zwitterionic silanes. Desalination, 551 . ISSN 0011-9164 (Print) 1873-4464 (Online)

Ertek, Dicle Ayca and Sanli, Nazmiye Ozlem and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Avaz, Merve Senem (2023) Environmentally friendly, antibacterial materials from recycled keratin incorporated electrospun PLA films with tunable properties. European Polymer Journal, 185 . ISSN 0014-3057 (Print) 1873-1945 (Online)

Eryildiz, Bahriye and Ozbey-Unal, Bahar and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Keskinler, Bülent and Koyuncu, İsmail (2023) Development of robust superhydrophobic PFA/TMI/PVDF membrane by electrospinning/electrospraying techniques for air gap membrane distillation. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 140 (12). ISSN 0021-8995 (Print) 1097-4628 (Online)


Fallah, Ali and Aghdam, Mohammad Mohammadi (2023) Physics-informed neural network for bending and free vibration analysis of three-dimensional functionally graded porous beam resting on elastic foundation. Engineering with Computers . ISSN 0177-0667 (Print) 1435-5663 (Online) Published Online First

Fallah, Ali and Asif, Suleman and Gokcer, Gizem and Koç, Bahattin (2023) 4D printing of continuous fiber-reinforced electroactive smart composites by coaxial additive manufacturing. Composite Structures, 316 . ISSN 0263-8223

Foadian, Farzad and Kremer, Robert and Post, Matthias and Taghizadeh Tabrizi, Arvin and Aghajani, Hossein (2023) Investigation of In-situ low copper alloying of 316L using the powder bed fusion process. Solids, 4 (3). pp. 156-165. ISSN 2673-6497

Foadian, Farzad and Taghizadeh Tabrizi, Arvin and Kremer, Robert and Aghajani, Hossein (2023) Investigation of the melt track geometry during selective laser melting of CuSn10. Nanomaterials and Energy, 12 (2). pp. 57-62. ISSN 2045-9831 (Print) 2045-984X (Online)


Ganjdoust, Faraz and Kefal, Adnan and Tessler, A. (2023) A novel delamination damage detection strategy based on inverse finite element method for structural health monitoring of composite structures. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 192 . ISSN 0888-3270 (Print) 1096-1216 (Online)

Ganjdoust, Faraz and Kefal, Adnan and Tessler, Alexander (2023) Delamination detection and localization in vibrating composite plates and shells using the inverse finite element method. Sensors, 23 (18). ISSN 1424-8220

Ghasemzadeh, Maryam and Mokhtari, Mojtaba and Bilgin, Mahmut Hüdayi and Kefal, Adnan (2023) Pitting corrosion identification approach based on inverse finite element method for marine structure applications. Ocean Engineering, 273 . ISSN 0029-8018 (Print) 1873-5258 (Online)

Gul, Saher and Arican, Selin and Cansever, Murat and Beylergil, Bertan and Yıldız, Mehmet and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Design of highly thermally conductive hexagonal boron nitride-reinforced PEEK composites with tailored heat conduction through-plane and rheological behaviors by a scalable extrusion. ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 5 (1). pp. 329-341. ISSN 2637-6105

Gul, Saher and Arican, Selin and Cansever, Murat and Yıldız, Mehmet and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Dimension effect on thermal conductivity of hexagonal boron nitride/titanium dioxide reinforced hybrid PEEK composites developed with a scalable compounding approach. Polymer Composites . ISSN 0272-8397 (Print) 1548-0569 (Online) Published Online First


Işık, Murat and Yıldız, Mehmet and Seçer, Ragıp Orkun and Sen, Ceren and Bilgin, Guney Mert and Orhangul, Akin and Akbulut, Guray and Javidrad, Hamidreza and Koç, Bahattin (2023) Fabrication of electron beam melted titanium aluminide: the effects of machining parameters and heat treatment on surface roughness and hardness. Metals, 13 (12). ISSN 2075-4701

Ivanoska-Dacikj, Aleksandra and Oguz-Gouillart, Yesim and Hossain, Gaffar and Kaplan, Müslüm and Sivri, Çağlar and Ros-Lis, José Vicente and Mikucioniene, Daiva and Munir, Muhammad Usman and Kızıldağ, Nuray and Ünal, Serkan and Safarik, Ivo and Akgül, Esra and Yıldırım, Nida and Bedeloğlu, Ayşe Çelik and Ünsal, Ömer Faruk and Herwig, Gordon and Rossi, René M. and Wick, Peter and Clement, Pietro and Sarac, A. Sezai (2023) Advanced and smart textiles during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: issues, challenges, and innovations. Healthcare (Switzerland), 11 (8). ISSN 2227-9032


Karimi, Sasan and Yousefi Louyeh, Pouya and Barzegar Osgouei, Ali and Yıldız, Mehmet and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem (2023) A study of post-processing for AFP-fabricated thermoplastic composites with void content and air permeability characterization. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites . ISSN 0731-6844 (Print) 1530-7964 (Online) Published Online First

Karimzadehkhoei, Jalal and Sorayani Bafqi, Mohammad Sajad and Saeidiharzand, Shaghayegh and Mohammadilooey, Mandana and Hezarkhani, Marjan and Saner Okan, Burcu and Koşar, Ali and Sadaghiani, Abdolali (2023) Upcycled graphene integrated fiber-based photothermal hybrid nanocomposites for solar-driven interfacial water evaporation. Desalination, 562 . ISSN 0011-9164

Kefal, Adnan and Abdollahzadeh, Mohammadamin and Belur, Muhammed Yavuz (2023) Modal shape reconstruction and damage identification of vibrating plates using inverse finite element method. In: 10th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, Patras, Greece

Kendibilir, Abdullah and Kefal, Adnan (2023) Enhanced ship cross-section design methodology using peridynamics topology optimization. Ocean Engineering, 286 . ISSN 0029-8018 (Print) 1873-5258 (Online)

Kendibilir, Abdullah and Kefal, Adnan (2023) Lightweight design and topology optimization of marine structures using peridynamics. In: 9th International Conference on Marine Structures, MARSTRUCT 2023, Gothenburg

Kendibilir, Abdullah and Polat, Mehmet Furkan and Çavuş, Ömer Safa and Khalilvandi Behrouzyar, Sina and Motlagh, Peyman Lahe and Koç, Bahattin and Kefal, Adnan (2023) Combination of peridynamics and genetic algorithm based topology optimization methods for additive manufacturing-friendly designs. Journal of Additive Manufacturing Technologies, 2 (1). ISSN 2749-3229

Keskin, Başak and Korkut, Sevde and Ormancı-Acar, Türkan and Turken, Turker and Taş, Cüneyt Erdinç and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Ünal, Serkan and Koyuncu, Ismail (2023) Pilot scale nanofiltration membrane fabrication containing ionic co-monomers and halloysite nanotubes for textile dye filtration. Water Science and Technology, 87 (6). pp. 1529-1541. ISSN 0273-1223 (Print) 1996-9732 (Online)

Khan, Raja Muhammad Awais and Shafighfard, Torkan and Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Mieloszyk, Magdalena and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Strength prediction and experimental damage investigations of plain woven CFRPs with interacting holes using multi-instrument measurements. Polymer Composites, 44 (6). pp. 3594-3609. ISSN 0272-8397 (Print) 1548-0569 (Online)

Kızıldağ, Nuray (2023) Smart textiles with PCMs for thermoregulation. In: Pielichowska, Kinga and Pielichowski, Krzysztof, (eds.) Multifunctional Phase Change Materials: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications. Elsevier, pp. 445-505. ISBN 9780323857208 (Print) 9780323857192 (Online)

Kocanalı, Atakan and Başkan, Havva and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) A selective upcycling approach: growing 2D and 3D graphene oxide structures with size-controlled talc substrates from waste polypropylene with LCA protocols. Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 31 (9). pp. 4052-4068. ISSN 1566-2543 (Print) 1572-8919 (Online)

Koseoglu-Imer, Derya Y. and Oral, Hasan Volkan and Coutinho Calheiros, Cristina Sousa and Krzeminski, Pawel and Güçlü, Serkan and Pereira, Sofia Almeida and Surmacz-Górska, Joanna and Plaza, Elzbieta and Samaras, Petros and Binder, Pablo Martin and Van Hullebusch, Eric D. and Devolli, Ariola (2023) Current challenges and future perspectives for the full circular economy of water in European countries. Journal of Environmental Management, 345 . ISSN 0301-4797 (Print) 1095-8630 (Online)

Kölgesiz, Sarp and Berksun, Ekin and Tas, Cuneyt Erdinc and Ünal, Serkan and Ünal, Hayriye (2023) Flexible waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite foams incorporated with halloysites as fresh-keeping packaging inserts for fresh fruits. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 40 . ISSN 2214-2894

Kölgesiz, Sarp and Taş, Cüneyt Erdinç and Köken, Deniz and Genc, Mehmet Hayri and Yalcin, İzzet and Kalender, Kemal and Ünal, Serkan and Ünal, Hayriye (2023) Extending the shelf life of bananas with cinnamaldehyde-impregnated halloysite/polypropylene nanocomposite films. ACS Food Science and Technology, 3 (2). pp. 340-349. ISSN 2692-1944


Li, Mengying and Jia, Dawei and Huang, He and Wu, Ziyan and Kefal, Adnan (2023) Geometrically nonlinear deformation reconstruction based on iQS4 elements using a linearized iterative iFEM algorithm. Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, 36 (1). pp. 166-180. ISSN 0894-9166 (Print) 1860-2134 (Online)


Mutlu, Gökhan and Yıldırım, Ferhat and Ulus, Hasan and Eskizeybek, Volkan (2023) Coating graphene nanoplatelets onto carbon fabric with controlled thickness for improved mechanical performance and EMI shielding effectiveness of carbon/epoxy composites. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 284 . ISSN 0013-7944


Nedjad, Syamak Hossein and Yıldız, Mehmet and Saboori, Abdollah (2023) Solidification behaviour of austenitic stainless steels during welding and directed energy deposition. Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, 28 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1362-1718 (Print) 1743-2936 (Online)


Paksoy, Aybike and Aktürk, Merve and Arabi, Seyedehnegar and Erdem, Emre and Balcı-Çağıran, Özge (2023) Synthesis and capacitive performance of ZrB2 and its composites as supercapacitor electrodes. Solid State Sciences, 142 . ISSN 1293-2558


Ranjbar Aghjehkohal, Amin and Taghizadeh Tabrizi, Arvin and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Electrochemical hydrogen storage of synthesized heterostructure of hexagonal boron nitride-carbon nano tube. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 962 . ISSN 0925-8388


Sadeghi, Ebrahim and Chamani, Sanaz and Erdem, Emre and Peighambardoust, Naeimeh Sadat and Aydemir, Umut (2023) NiMo/CoMoO4 heterostructure with confined oxygen vacancy for active and durable alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6 (14). pp. 7658-7671. ISSN 2574-0962

Saghatchi, Roozbeh and Kolukısa, Deniz Can and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Development of smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for modeling active nematics. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 124 (1). pp. 159-182. ISSN 0029-5981 (Print) 1097-0207 (Online)

Saghatchi, Roozbeh and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Vibration induced by active nematics. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 954 . ISSN 0022-1120 (Print) 1469-7645 (Online)

Seyednourani, Mahsa and Akgün, Sercan and Ulus, Hasan and Yıldız, Mehmet and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem (2023) Experimental investigation on compression-after-impact (CAI) response of aerospace grade thermoset composites under low-temperature conditions assisted with acoustic emission monitoring. Composite Structures, 321 . ISSN 0263-8223

Sharani, Baidaa and Haghighi Poudeh, Leila and Elmas, Sinem and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Aspects of halloysite nanotubes integration in epoxy nanocomposites: curing kinetics and deformation mechanism. Polymer Composites, 44 (1). pp. 574-591. ISSN 0272-8397 (Print) 1548-0569 (Online)

Shojaeinia, Ayda and Aghajani, Hossein and Tabrizi, Arvin Taghizadeh (2023) Evaluation of electrochemical hydrogen storage capability of graphene oxide multi-layer coating. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 48 (15). pp. 5836-5849. ISSN 0360-3199 (Print) 1879-3487 (Online)


Topal, Serra and Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Yıldırım, Ceren and Beylergil, Bertan and Kan, Cihan and Ünal, Serkan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Multiscale nano-integration in the scarf-bonded patches for enhancing the performance of the repaired secondary load-bearing aircraft composite structures. Carbon, 204 . pp. 112-125. ISSN 0008-6223 (Print) 1873-3891 (Online)

Topal, Serra and Beylergil, Bertan and Yıldırım, Ceren and Ünal, Serkan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Advancing aircraft repair patch prepregs: enhancing composite performance through resin type, cure cycle, and nanomaterial innovations. In: 3rd Global Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials, Berlin, Germany

Tuna Genç, Münevver and Sarilmaz, Adem and Doğan, Semih and Aksoy Çekceoğlu, İlknur and Ozen, Abdurrahman and Aslan, Emre and Saner Okan, Burcu and Jaafar, Juhana and Ozel, Faruk and Ersoz, Mustafa and Hatay Patır, İmren (2023) Thermally-exfoliated graphene Oxide/ZnO nanocomposite catalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and antibacterial activities. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy . ISSN 0360-3199 Published Online First


Yalçınkaya, Esra and Başkan Bayrak, Havva and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Growing of 2D/3D graphene structures on natural substrates from aromatic plastic wastes by scalable thermal-based upcycling process with a comparative CO2 footprint analysis. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 37 . ISSN 2214-9937

Yıldırım, Ceren and Tabrizi, Isa Emami and Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Topal, Serra and Beylergil, Bertan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Characterizing damage evolution of CF/PEKK composites under tensile loading through multi-instrument structural health monitoring techniques. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 175 . ISSN 1359-835X (Print) 1878-5840 (Online)

Yıldırım, Ceren and Ulus, Hasan and Beylergil, Bertan and Al-Nadhari, Abdulrahman Saeed Abdulqader and Topal, Serra and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Effect of atmospheric plasma treatment on Mode-I and Mode-II fracture toughness properties of adhesively bonded carbon fiber/PEKK composite joints. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 289 . ISSN 0013-7944

Yılmaz, Çağatay and Ali, Hafiz Qasim and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Monitoring and verification of micro-strain generated inside the laminate subjected to thermal loading through fiber bragg grating sensors and classical laminate theory. Polymer Composites, 44 (5). pp. 2956-2965. ISSN 0272-8397 (Print) 1548-0569 (Online)

Yoğurtçuoğlu, Abdul Vahap and Şimşek, Uğur and Koç, Bahattin (2023) Effects of design parameters on surface roughness of additively manufactured thin-walled structures. Journal of Additive Manufacturing Technologies, 2 (1). ISSN 2749-3229


Zarrabi, Ali and Perrin, David and Kavoosi, Mahboubeh and Sommer, Micah and Sezen, Serap and Mehrbod, Parvaneh and Bhushan, Bhavya and Machaj, Filip and Rosik, Jakub and Kawalec, Philip and Afifi, Saba and Bolandi, Seyed Mohammadreza and Koleini, Peiman and Taheri, Mohsen and Madrakian, Tayyebeh and Łos, Marek J. and Lindsey, Benjamin and Çakır, Nilüfer and Zarepour, Atefeh and Hushmandi, Kiavash and Fallah, Ali and Koç, Bahattin and Khosravi, Arezoo and Ahmadi, Mazaher and Logue, Susan and Orive, Gorka and Pecic, Stevan and Gordon, Joseph W. and Ghavami, Saeid (2023) Rhabdomyosarcoma: current therapy, challenges, and future approaches to treatment strategies. Cancers, 15 (21). ISSN 2072-6694

Zemzemoğlu, Muhammed and Ünel, Mustafa (2023) A hierarchical learning-based approach for the automatic defect detection and classification of AFP process using thermography. In: 49th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2023), Singapore, Singapore

Zoghipour, Pouya and Hasim, K. A. and Kefal, Adnan and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) Implementation of shear-locking-free triangular refined zigzag element for structural analysis of multilayered plates with curvilinear fibers. Composite Structures, 305 . ISSN 0263-8223 (Print) 1879-1085 (Online)


Çelik, Dilara and Karaca, Ali and Koç, Bahattin (2023) Directed energy deposition of parts with internal channels using removable graphite supports. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing . ISSN 2329-7662 (Print) 2329-7670 (Online) Published Online First

Çetiner, Büşra and Başkan Bayrak, Havva and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Application, recycling, environmental and safety issues, and future prospects of crystalline polymer composites. In: Parameswaranpillai, Jyotishkumar and Jacob, Jenny and Krishnasamy, Senthilkumar and Jayakumar, Aswathy and Hameed, Nishar, (eds.) Polymer Crystallization: Methods, Characterization and Applications. Wiley, pp. 323-358. ISBN 9783527350810 (Print) 9783527839247 (Online)

Çetiner, Büşra and Şahin Dündar, Gülayşe and Yusufoğlu, Yusuf and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Sustainable engineered design and scalable manufacturing of upcycled graphene reinforced polylactic acid/polyurethane blend composites having shape memory behavior. Polymers, 15 (5). ISSN 2073-4360


Şahin Dündar, Gülayşe and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) An efficient interface model to develop scalable methodology of melt processing of polypropylene with graphene oxide produced by an improved and eco-friendly electrochemical exfoliation. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 140 (2). ISSN 0021-8995 (Print) 1097-4628 (Online)

Şahin Dündar, Gülayşe and Saner Okan, Burcu (2023) Compatibilizing effect of grafted recycled graphene on the viscoelasticity and mechanical performance of polypropylene composites. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites . ISSN 0731-6844 (Print) 1530-7964 (Online) Published Online First

Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Özbilen, M. and Eskizeybek, V. (2023) Evaluating interfacial performance of carbon-epoxy composites by fiber bundle tests: the impact of nanofiller dimension and surface chemistry. In: 23rd International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2023, Belfast

Şükür, Emine Feyza and Elmas, Sinem Gül and Eskizeybek, Volkan and Şaş Çaycı, Hatice Sinem and Yıldız, Mehmet (2023) An experimental implication of long-term hot-wet-aged carbon fiber/polyether ketone ketone composites: the impact of automated fiber placement process parameters and process-induced defects. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 140 (29). ISSN 0021-8995 (Print) 1097-4628 (Online)

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