Graphagos: evolutionary algorithm as a model for the creative process and as a tool to create graphic design products

Önduygu, Deniz Cem (2010) Graphagos: evolutionary algorithm as a model for the creative process and as a tool to create graphic design products. [Thesis]

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Evolution is a substrate-neutral algorithm that creates design, working with three conditions: replication, variation, and selection. The memetic theory posits that elements of human culture are subject to the algorithm of evolution as the memes that code for them are replicated, varied and selected. Within this paradigm, human creativity can be explained as an evolutionary process within the brain where random variations are unconsciously selected in milliseconds. Digital evolutionary algorithms are being used today to create design and to solve optimization problems. Graphic design, due to its functional nature, has the potential to be a very fruitful area of research and application for evolutionary algorithms. Gráphagos uses genetic algorithms to randomly mutate and replicate the designs according to a human user's evaluation. The program is primarily designed as a model for the creative process occurring in the system that consists of the graphic designer and the sketching medium. Gráphagos demonstrates how graphic design can emerge when random mutations are selected and accumulated. The program additionally offers a new tool for making graphic design. It may also be used as a tool for gathering data about our visual preferences.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Graphic design. -- Evolution. -- Memetics. -- Evolutionary design. -- Genetic algorithm. -- Processing. -- Evolutionary algorithms. -- Evolutionary systems. -- Evolutionary models. -- Evolution theory. -- Visual arts. -- Visual design. -- Visual communication. -- Graphic design education. -- Mind of philosophy. -- Theory of mind. -- Computer programs. -- Consciousness. -- Desing process. -- Desing components. -- Desing methods. -- Grafik tasarım. -- Evrim. -- Memetik. -- Evrimsel tasarım. -- Genetik algoritma. -- Süreçler. -- Evrimsel algoritmalar. -- Evrimsel sistem. -- Evrim modelleri. -- Evrim teorisi. -- Genetik algoritmalar. -- Görsel sanatlar. -- Görsel tasarım. -- Görsel iletişim. -- Grafik tasarımı eğitimi. -- Zihin felsefesi. -- Zihin kuramı. -- Bilgisayar programları. -- Bigisayar programları. -- Bilinç. -- Tasarım süreci. -- Tasarım bileşenleri. -- Tasarım yöntemleri. -- Grafik tasarımı.
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