A novel approach to micro-telemanipulation with soft slave robots: integrated design of a non-overshooting series elastic actuator

Tokatlı, Ozan (2010) A novel approach to micro-telemanipulation with soft slave robots: integrated design of a non-overshooting series elastic actuator. [Thesis]

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Micro mechanical devices are becoming ubiquitous as they find increas- ing uses in applications such as micro-fabrication, micro-surgery and micro- probing. Use of micro-electromechanical systems not only offer compactness and precision, but also increases the efficiency of processes. Whenever me- chanical devices are used to interact with the environment, accurate control of the forces arising at the interaction surfaces arise as an important chal- lenge. In this work, we propose using a series elastic actuation (SEA) for micro- manipulation. Since an SEA is an integrated mechatronic device, the me- chanical design and controller synthesis are handled in parallel to achieve the best overall performance. The mechanical design of the μSEA is handled in two steps: type selection and dimensional synthesis. In the type selection step, a compliant, half pantograph mechanism is chosen as the underlying kinematic structure of the coupling element. For optimal dimensioning, the bandwidth of the system, the disturbance response and the force resolution are considered to achieve good control performance with high reliability. These objectives are achieved by optimizing the manipulability and the stiffness of the mechanism along with a robustness constraint. In parallel with the mechanical design, a force controller is synthesized. The controller has a cascaded structure: an inner loop for position control and an outer loop for force control. Since excess force application can be detrimental during manipulation of fragile objects; the position controller of the inner loop is designed to be a non-overshooting controller which guar- antees the force response of the system always stay lower than the reference value. This self-standing μSEA system is embedded into a 3-channel scaled tele- operation architecture so that an operator can perform micro-telemanipulation. Constant scaling between the master and the slave is implemented and the teleoperator controllers preserve the non-overshooting nature of the μSEA. Finally, the designed μSEA based micro-telemanipulation system is im- plemented and characterized.

Item Type:Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords:Robust optimal design. -- Nonovershooting force control. -- Micro series elastic actuator. -- Micro-telemanipulation. -- Microsystems. -- Robotics. -- Series elastic actuator. -- Micro teleoperation. -- Non-overshooting control. -- Gürbüz eniyi tasarım. -- Referansı aşmayan kuvvet denetimi. -- Mikro seri elastik eyleyici. -- Mikro telemanipülasyon. -- Mikrosistemler. -- Robotik. -- Seri elastik eyleyici. -- Mikro teleoperasyon. -- Referansı aşmayan denetim.
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