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Heves, Emre and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2013) Highly responsive, solution-based Al/PbS and Au-Ti/PbS schottky photodiodes for SWIR detection. (Accepted)

Heves, Emre and Öztürk, Cem and Özgüz, Volkan Hüsnü and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2013) Solution-based PbS photodiodes, integrable on ROIC, for SWIR detector applications. IEEE Electron Device Letters, 34 (5). pp. 662-664. ISSN 0741-3106

Heves, Emre and Öztürk, Cem and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2013) Responsivity improvement in PbS colloidal quantum dot photoconductors using colloidal gold nanoparticles. Electronics Letters, 49 (5). pp. 367-368. ISSN 0013-5194 (Print) 1350-911X (Online)

Heves, Emre and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2012) PbS colloidal quantum dot photodiodes for SWIR detection. Procedia Engineering, 47 . pp. 1426-1429. ISSN 1877-7058

Heves, Emre and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2011) Realisation of radio frequency microelectromechanical devices for multiband, tunable circuit applications. IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, 5 (11). pp. 1359-1364. ISSN 1751-8725 (print) ; 1751-8733 (online)

Heves, Emre and Tekin, İbrahim and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2008) A MEM-varactor tuned, 7.8 GHz differential LC voltage-controlled oscillator. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 144 (2). pp. 296-303. ISSN 0924-4247

Papers in Conference Proceedings

Heves, Emre and Kayahan, Hüseyin and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2013) Solution-based photodetectors for monolithically integrated low-cost short-wave infrared focal plane arrays. In: Conference on Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications V, Baltimore, MD

Birkan, Burak and Heves, Emre and Köroğlu, Bülent and Fındık, Ceyhun and Sarısu, Hikmet and Düzgören, Hasan Erol and Özgüz, Volkan Hüsnü (2012) Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center: an experience in building a multi-disciplinary research facility overseas. In: 19th Biennial University/Government/Industry, Micro/Nano Symposium (UGIM 2012), Berkeley, CA, USA

Heves, Emre and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2012) Solution based Al/PbS and Ti-Au/PbS Schottky photodiodes for SWIR detection. In: Conference on Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems - Technology and Applications IX, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kallempudi, Saravan S. and Gürbüz, Yaşar and Heves, Emre (2009) Modeling and realization of inter-digitated transducer (IDT)-based biosensors for the detection of a cardiovascular disease risk marker. In: 35th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE 2009), Ghenk, Belgium

Heves, Emre and Ergintav, Arzu and Kallempudi, S. Saravan and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2009) A novel single-chip RF-voltage-controlled oscillator for bio-sensing applications. In: 23rd Eurosensors Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

Heves, Emre and Tekin, İbrahim and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2007) Realization of Micromachined-Microelectromechanical Devices for Multiband/Tunable RF-Circuit Applications. In: TARGET DAYS, Rome - Italy (Accepted)

Heves, Emre and Esame, İbrahim Onur and Tekin, İbrahim and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2007) A MEM Varactor Tuned-Voltage Controlled Oscillator fabricated using 0.35µm SiGe BiCMOS technology. In: European Microwave Week 2007, Munich Germany (Accepted)

Gül, Özgür and Heves, Emre and Kaynak, Mehmet and Başağa, Hüveyda and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2006) Label-free, capacitive immunosensor for protein detection. In: IEEE SENSORS 2006 Conference, Daegu, South Korea

Heves, Emre and Kaynak, Mehmet and Gürbüz, Yaşar (2006) UWB uygulamasına özgü SiGe BiCMOS karıştırıcı tasarımı=design and implementation of SiGe-BiCMOS mixer for UWB applications. In: IEEE Signal Processing and Communications Applications, Ankara


Heves, Emre (2012) PbS colloidal quantum dots based photodetectors for integrated SWIR detection. [Thesis]

Heves, Emre (2006) Realization of micromachined-electromechanical devices for wireless communication applications. [Thesis]

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