Read and imagine: visual imagery experience evoked by first versus second language

Blazhenkova, Olesya and Kanero, Junko and Duman, İrem and Ümitli, Özgenur (2023) Read and imagine: visual imagery experience evoked by first versus second language. Psychological Reports . ISSN 0033-2941 (Print) 1558-691X (Online) Published Online First

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This research examined visual imagery evoked during reading in relation to language. Following the previous reports that bilinguals experience less vivid imagery in their second language (L2) than first language (L1), we studied how visual imagery is affected by the language in use, characteristics of text, and readers’ individual differences. In L1 and L2, 382 bilinguals read object texts describing pictorial properties of objects such as color and shape, spatial texts describing spatial properties such as spatial relations and locations, and excerpts from novels. They rated imagery vividness after each segment and the whole text, and rated the specific imagery characteristics (e.g., color, spatial relations). Regardless of the types of text or the timing of rating, the vividness of imagery was higher in L1 than in L2. However, English proficiency also predicted vividness in L2. Further, vividness in the object and spatial trials were predicted by the individual’s object and spatial imagery skills. The effect of language on imagery depends on the text nature and difficulty, when and how vividness is measured, and individual differences.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: bilingualism; imagery; individual differences; Language; object and spatial imagery; vividness
Divisions: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Depositing User: Olesya Blazhenkova
Date Deposited: 06 May 2023 19:38
Last Modified: 06 May 2023 19:38

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