Subject: HT1501-1595 Races (Including race as a social group and race relations in general)

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Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2014) Nationalism, Turkification and the end of the jewish Communities in Thrace, 1918-1942. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2014) Ermeni eğitim kurumları, siyasallaşma ve Osmanlı yönetimi (1878-1923) [Armenian educational institutions, politicization, and Ottoman administration (1878-1923)]. In: Adanır, Fikret and Özel, Oktay, (eds.) 1915: Siyaset, Tehcir, Soykırım. Tarih Vakfı Yayınları, İstanbul. ISBN 9789753333306 (Accepted/In Press)

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