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Anahtarcı, Berkay (2011) Asymptotics of spectral gaps of the 1D schrodinger operator with Mathieu potential. [Thesis]

Aytuna, Aydın and Sadullaev, Azimbay (2011) Parabolic stein manifolds. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:arXiv:1112.1626v1 [math.CV] 7 Dec 2011

Aytuna, Aydın and Sadullaev, Azimbay (2011) S-parabolic manifolds. Turkic World Mathematic Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2 (1). pp. 6-9. ISSN 2076-2585


Chalov, Peter and Zakharyuta, Vyacheslav (2011) Isomorphic classification of the tensor products E(0)(exp alpha i) (circle times)over-cap E(infinity)(exp beta j). Studia Mathematica, 204 (3). pp. 275-282. ISSN 0039-3223 (print) ; 1730-6337 (electronic)


Djakov, Plamen Borissov and Mityagin, Boris (2011) Convergence of spectral decompositions of Hill operators with trigonometric polynomial potentials. Mathematische Annalen, 351 (3). pp. 509-540. ISSN 0025-5831 (print) ; 1432-1807 (online)

Djakov, Plamen Borissov and Mityagin, Boris Samuel (2011) Convergence of spectral decompositions of Hill operators with trigonometric polynomial potentials. Doklady Mathematics (English) / Doklady Akademii Nauk (Russian), 83 (1). pp. 5-7. ISSN 1064-5624

Djakov, Plamen Borissov and Terzioğlu, Tosun and Yurdakul, Murat and Zakharyuta, Vyacheslav (2011) Bounded operators and complemented subspaces of Cartesian products. Mathematische Nachrichten, 284 (2-3). pp. 217-228. ISSN 0025-584X

Duman, Hatice (2011) Riesz bases of eigenfunctions of 1D Dirac operator with strictly regular boundary condition. [Thesis]

Duruk Mutlubaş, Nilay (2011) Cauchy problems for a class of nonlocal nonlinear bi-directional wave equations. [Thesis]

Duruk Mutlubaş, Nilay and Erbay, Hüsnü Ata and Erkip, Albert (2011) Blow-up and global existence for a general class of nonlocal nonlinear coupled wave equations. Journal of Differential Equations, 250 (3). pp. 1448-1459. ISSN 0022-0396


Efem, Şükrü Uğur (2011) Extensions of discrete valuations and their ramification theory. [Thesis]

Erbay, Hüsnü A. and Erbay, Saadet and Erkip, Albert (2011) The Cauchy problem for a class of two-dimensional nonlocal nonlinear wave equations governing anti-plane shear motions in elastic materials. Nonlinearity, 24 (4). pp. 1347-1359. ISSN 0951-7715


Gül, Uğur (2011) Essential spectra of quasi-parabolic composition operators on Hardy spaces of analytic functions. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 377 (2). pp. 771-791. ISSN 0022-247X


Işık, Leyla (2011) On the minimum distance of cyclic codes. [Thesis]


Ongan, Pınar (2011) On irreducible binary polynomials. [Thesis]


Rashkovskii, Alexander and Zakharyuta, Vyacheslav (2011) Special polyhedra for Reinhardt domains. Comptes Rendus Mathematique, 349 (17-18). pp. 965-968. ISSN 1631-073X


Stichtenoth, Henning (2011) Curves with a prescribed number of rational points. Finite Fields and Their Applications, 17 (6). pp. 552-559. ISSN 1071-5797


Terzioğlu, Tosun (2011) Zor zamanlarda matematik II: Nasirüddin el-Tusi (Mathematics in difficult times). Matematik Dünyası, 20 (87). pp. 68-71. ISSN 1300-624X

Terzioğlu, Tosun (2011) Zor zamanlarda matematik: Constantin Caratheodory. Matematik Dünyası, 20 (86). pp. 67-75. ISSN 1300-624X


Çeşmelioğlu, Ayça and Meidl, Wilfried (2011) A construction of bent functions from plateaued functions. [Working Paper / Technical Report] Sabanci University ID:SU_FENS_2011/0015


Özdemir, Mehmet (2011) Automorphism group and subfields of the generalized Giulietti-Korchmáros function field. [Thesis]


Ülger, Ali and Yavuz, Onur (2011) A fredholm alternative-like result on power bounded operators. Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 35 (3). pp. 473-478. ISSN 1300-0098

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