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Armağan, Önsel (2008) Ling browser: a NLP based browser for linguistic information. [Thesis]


Bodenreider, Olivier and Çoban, Zeynep Hande and Doğanay, Mahir Can and Erdem, Esra and Koşucu, Hilal (2008) A preliminary report on answering complex queries related to drug discovery using answer set programming. In: 3rd International Workshop on Applications of Logic Programming to the (Semantic) Web and Web Services (ALPSWS2008), Udine, Italy

Bonchi, Francesco and Malin, Bradley and Saygın, Yücel (2008) Recent advances in preserving privacy when mining data. Data and Knowledge Engineering Journal, 65 (issue ). pp. 1-4. ISSN 0169-023X

Bonchi, Francesco and Saygın, Yücel and Verykios, Vassilis and Atzori, Maurizio and Goukalas, Aris and Kaya, Volkan and Savaş, Erkay (2008) Privacy in spatiotemporal data mining. In: Giannotti, Fosca and Pedreschi, Dino, (eds.) Mobility, data mining, and privacy: geographic knowledge discovery. Springer Heidelberg, Berlin, pp. 297-333. ISBN 9783540751762


Doğanay, Mahir Can (2008) Efficient distributed privacy preserving clustering. [Thesis]

Doğanay, Mahir Can and Pedersen, Thomas Brochmann and Saygın, Yücel and Savaş, Erkay and Levi, Albert (2008) Distributed privacy preserving k-means clustering with additive secret sharing. In: Proceedings of the 2008 International Workshop on Privacy and Anonymity in Information Society, PAIS 2008,, Nantes, France


Eiter, Thomas and Erdem, Esra and Faber, Wolfgang (2008) Undoing the effects of action sequences. Journal of Applied Logic, 6 (3). pp. 380-415. ISSN 1570-8683

Engin, Billur Hatice (2008) Introducing level of detail to 3D thematic maps. [Thesis]

Eryiğit, Gülşen and Nivre, Joakim and Oflazer, Kemal (2008) Dependency parsing of Turkish. Computational Linguistics, 34 (3). pp. 357-389. ISSN 0891-2017


Genç, Yusuf and Verbyla, A.P. and Torun, A.A. and Çakmak, İsmail and Willsmore, K. and Wallwork, H. and McDonald, G.K. (2008) Quantitative trait loci analysis of zinc efficiency and grain zinc concentration in wheat using whole genome average interval mapping. Plant and Soil . ISSN 0032-079X (Print) 1573-5036 (Online)

Göktürk, Sarper Muharrem and Erçetin, Özgür and Gürbüz, Özgür (2008) Energy distribution control in wireless sensor networks through range optimization. In: IEEE 19th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Cannes, France

Gürbüz, Özgür (2008) Design and performance analysis of an ARQ scheme for broadband wireless access. IEICE Transactions on Communications, E91-B (6). pp. 1989-1998. ISSN 1745-1345 (online), 0916-8516 (print)


Kaplan, Emre and Pedersen, Thomas Brochmann and Savaş, Erkay and Saygın, Yücel (2008) Privacy risks in trajectory data publishing: reconstructing private trajectories from continuous properties. Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, 5178 . pp. 642-649. ISSN 0302-9743 (Print) 1611-3349 (Online)

Karaca, Kevser and Levi, Albert (2008) Towards a framework for security analysis of multiple password schemes. In: ACM EUROSEC 2008, 1st ACM European workshop on system security (part of ACM Eurosys 2008), Glasgow, Scotland

Karatop, Ayşe Gül (2008) A modified identity-based encryption system for messaging applications. [Thesis]

Karatop, Ayşe Gül and Savaş, Erkay (2008) An identity-based key infrastructure suitable for messaging and its application to e-mail. In: 4th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks, Istanbul, Turkey

Kaynar, Hakan (2008) Heuristics for unique input output sequence computation. [Thesis]

Keskinöz, Mehmet (2008) Soft feedback equalization for patterned media storage. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 44 (11). pp. 3793-3796. ISSN 0018-9464

Kholmatov, Alisher Anatolyevich (2008) Privacy protecting biometric authentication systems. [Thesis]

Kocabaş, Övünç (2008) Design and realization of an embedded processor for cryptographic applications. [Thesis]

Kocabaş, Övünç and Savaş, Erkay (2008) Enhancing an Embedded Processor Core with a Cryptographic Unit for Performance and Security. In: 2008 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs, (Accepted)

Kömürcü, Giray and Savaş, Erkay (2008) An Efficient hardware implementation of the tate pairing in characteristic three. In: The Third International Conference on Systems, ICONS 2008, Cancun, Mexico


Pedreschi, Dino and Bonchi, Francesco and Turini, Franco and Verykios, Vassilios and Atzori, Maurizio and Malin, Bradley and Moelans, Bart and Saygın, Yücel (2008) Privacy protection: regulations and technologies, opportunities and threats. In: Giannotti, Fosca and Pedreschi, Dino, (eds.) Mobility, data mining, and privacy: geographic knowledge discovery. Springer Heidelberg, Berlin, pp. 101-119. ISBN 9783540751762


Sarıkaya, Ruhi and Afify, Mohamed and Deng, Yonggang and Erdoğan, Hakan and Gao, Yuqing (2008) Joint morphological-lexical language modeling for processing morphologically rich languages with application to dialectal Arabic. IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, 16 (7). pp. 1330-1340. ISSN 1558-7916

Slabaugh, Greg and Ünal, Gözde and Fang, Tong and Whited, Brian and Rossignac, Jarec (2008) Variational skinning of an ordered set of discrete 2D balls. In: Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP),


Taşçı, Emre Sinan and Bayramoğlu, Ersoy and Levi, Albert (2008) Simple and flexible random key predistribution schemes for wireless sensor networks using deployment knowledge. In: International Conference on Information Security and Assurance, 2008. ISA 2008., Busan, Korea

Türe, Ferhan (2008) A hybrid machine translation system from Turkish to English. [Thesis]

Türe, Ferhan and Erdem, Esra (2008) Efficient haplotype inference with answer set programming. In: The Twenty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'08), Chicago, USA

Türker, Uraz Cengiz (2008) Visualization of large temporal social network datasets. [Thesis]


Ural, Hasan and Jourdan, Guy-Vincent and Yenigün, Hüsnü (2008) Combining Adaptive Tests. In: 23rd International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Istanbul, TURKEY (Accepted)

Uzunbaş, Mustafa Gökhan and Çetin, Müjdat and Ünal, Gözde and Erçil, Aytül (2008) Coupled nonparametric shape priors for segmentation of multiple basal ganglia structures. In: 5th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 2008. ISBI 2008, Paris, France


Wang, Zhe Wendy and Slabaugh, Greg and Ünal, Gözde and Fang, Tong (2008) Information-theoretic feature detection and its application to registration of ultrasound images. The International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems (IJICS), 13 (2). pp. 136-145.


Yıldırım, İsmail Fatih (2008) SecurePL: a compiler and toolbox for practical and easy secure multiparty computation. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Ömer Zekvan and Levi, Albert and Savaş, Erkay (2008) Multiphase deployment models for fast self healing in wireless sensor networks. In: International Conference on Security and Cryptography, SECRYPT 2008, Porto, Portugal


Çakıcı, Serdar and Sümengen, Selçuk and Sezerman, Uğur and Balcısoy, Selim (2008) DockPro: a VR-based tool for protein-protein docking problem. In: 7th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry (VRCAI 2008), Fusionopolis , Singapore

Çamlıkaya, Eren (2008) Identity verification using voice and its use in a privacy preserving system. [Thesis]

Çamlıkaya, Eren and Kholmatov, Alisher Anatolyevich and Yanıkoğlu, Berrin (2008) Multi-biometric templates using fingerprint and voice. In: Biometric Technology for Human Identification V, Orlando, Florida, USA

Çiftçioğlu, Ertuğrul Necdet and Gürbüz, Özgür (2008) Opportunistic scheduling for next generation wireless local area networks. In: Bednorz, Witold, (ed.) Advances in greedy algorithms. In-Tech, Vienna, Austria, pp. 387-410. ISBN 978-953-7619-27-5

Çoban, Elvin and Erdem, Esra and Türe, Ferhan (2008) Comparing ASP, CP, ILP on two challenging applications: wire routing and haplotype inference. In: 2nd International Workshop on Logic and Search (LaSh 2008), Leuven, Belgium


Öksüzoğlu, Ersin (2008) Fast, compact and secure implementation of rsa on dedicated hardware. [Thesis]

Öksüzoğlu, Ersin and Savaş, Erkay (2008) Parametric, Secure and Compact Implementation of RSA on FPGA. In: 2008 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs, (Accepted)

Örencik, Cengiz (2008) Fuzzy vault scheme for fingerprint verification: implementation, analysis and improvements. [Thesis]

Örencik, Cengiz and Pedersen, Thomas Brochmann and Savaş, Erkay and Keskinöz, Mehmet (2008) Improved fuzzy vault scheme for fingerprint verification. In: International Conference on Security and Cryptography, Porto, Portugal


Ünal, Gözde and Nain, Delphine and Slabaugh, Greg and Fang, Tong (2008) Customized design of hearing aids using statistical shape learning. In: Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention,

Ünal, Gözde and Slabaugh, Greg (2008) Endovaskuler müdahalelerde x-ray videodan kılavuz teli izleme = Guidewire tracking in x-ray videos of endovascular interventions. In: Sinyal İşleme ve Uygulamaları,

Ünal, Gözde and Slabaugh, Greg and Kakadiaris, Ioannai and Tannenbaum, Allen (2008) Introduction to the special section on computer vision for intravascular and intracardiac imaging. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 12 (3). pp. 273-276. ISSN 1089-7771

Ünlü, Abdülhakim and Levi, Albert (2008) Two-tier, location-aware and highly resilient key predistribution scheme for wireless sensor networks. In: Visions of Computer Science Conference, BCS International Academic Conference, London, UK

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