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Castro-Tirado, A. J. and Østgaard, N. and Göğüş, Ersin and Sánchez-Gil, C. and Pascual-Granado, J. and Reglero, V. and Mezentsev, A. and Gabler, M. and Marisaldi, M. and Neubert, T. and Budtz-Jørgensen, C. and Lindanger, A. and Sarria, D. and Kuvvetli, I. and Cerdá-Durán, P. and Navarro-González, J. and Font, J. A. and Zhang, B. B. and Lund, N. and Oxborrow, C. A. and Brandt, S. and Caballero-García, M. D. and Carrasco-García, I. M. and Castellón, A. and Castro Tirado, M. A. and Christiansen, F. and Eyles, C. J. and Fernández-García, E. and Genov, G. and Guziy, S. and Hu, Y. D. and Nicuesa Guelbenzu, A. and Pandey, S. B. and Peng, Z. K. and Pérez del Pulgar, C. and Reina Terol, A. J. and Rodríguez, E. and Sánchez-Ramírez, R. and Sun, T. and Ullaland, K. and Yang, S. (2021) Very-high-frequency oscillations in the main peak of a magnetar giant flare. Nature, 600 (7890). pp. 621-624. ISSN 0028-0836 (Print) 1476-4687 (Online)

Ji, L. and Doroshenko, V. and Santangelo, A. and Güngör, Can and Zhang, S. and Ducci, L. and Zhang, S. N. and Ge, M. Y. and Qu, L. J. and Chen, Y. P. and Bu, Q. C. and Cai, C. and Cao, X. L. and Chang, Z. and Chen, G. and Chen, L. and Chen, T. X. and Chen, Y. and Chen, Y. B. and Cui, W. and Cui, W. W. and deng, J. K. and Dong, Y. W. and Du, Y. Y. and Fu, M. X. and Gao, G. H. and Gao, H. and Gao, M. and Gu, Y. D. and Guan, J. and Guo, C. C. and Han, D. W. and Huang, Y. and Huo, J. and Jia, S. M. and Jiang, L. H. and Jiang, W. C. and Jin, J. and Kong, L. D. and Li, B. and Li, C. K. and Li, G. and Li, M. S. and Li, T. P. and Li, W. and Li, X. and Li, X. B. and Li, X. F. and Li, Y. G. and Li, Z. W. and Liang, X. H. and Liao, J. Y. and Liu, C. Z. and Liu, G. Q. and Liu, H. W. and Liu, X. J. and Liu, Y. N. and Lu, B. and Lu, F. J. and Lu, X. F. and Luo, Q. and Luo, T. and Ma, X. and Meng, B. and Nang, Y. and Nie, J. Y. and Ou, G. and Sai, N. and Song, L. M. and Song, X. Y. and Sun, L. and Tan, Y. and Tao, L. and Tuo, Y. L. and Wang, C. and Wang, G. F. and Wang, J. and Wang, W. S. and Wang, Y. S. and Wen, X. Y. and Wu, B. B. and Wu, B. Y. and Wu, M. and Xiao, G. C. and Xiao, S. and Xiong, S. L. and Xu, Y. P. and Yang, Y. J. and Yang, J. W. and Yang, S. and Yang, Y. J. and Yi, Q. B. and Yin, Q. Q. and You, Y. and Zhang, A. M. and Zhang, C. M. and Zhang, F. and Zhang, H. M. and Zhang, J. and Zhang, T. and Zhang, W. and Zhang, W. C. and Zhang, W. Z. and Zhang, Y. and Zhang, Y. and Zhang, Y. F. and Zhang, Y. J. and Zhang, Z. and Zhang, Z. L. and Zhao, H. S. and Zhao, X. F. and Zheng, S. J. and Zhou, D. K. and Zhou, J. F. and Zhu, Y. and Zhu, Y. X. (2020) Timing analysis of 2S 1417-624 observed with NICER and insight-HXMT. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 491 (2). pp. 1851-1856. ISSN 0035-8711 (Print) 1365-2966 (Online)

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