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Somuncu, Berna and Ekmekcioglu, Aysegul and Antmen, Fatma Merve and Ertuzun, Tugce and Deniz, Emre and Keskin, Nazlı and Park, Joon and Yazici, Ilgu Ece and Şimşek, Büşra and Erman, Batu and Yin, Whitney and Erman, Burak and Muftuoglu, Meltem (2022) Targeting mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma for selective inhibition of MLH1 deficient colon cancer growth. PLoS One, 17 (6). ISSN 1932-6203 (Print) 1932-6203 (Online)

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Papers in Conference Proceedings

Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Bilgin, Nalan and Akbulut, Özge and Taşkent, Hümeyra and Gören, Kerem Behiç and Erman, Burak (2004) Preparation of polymeric nanocapsules with perfluoroalkyl whiskers in supercritical carbon dioxide. In: National ACS Meeting, Philadelphia, USA

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