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Open Access

Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.

SPARC Open Access

SHERPA Open Access

Benefits of Open Access

  • Free Access
  • More usage /Reaching more people
  • More efficient research results
  • Get more citations
  • Reliable and true metadata
  • Long-term protection
  • To access from different search engines
  • Strengthening Scientific communication
  • Prevention of journal prices increase
  • To make usable and shareable scientific knowledge from every language
  • Enhances interdisciplinary research
  • Accelerates the pace of research, discovery and innovation
  • Democratizes access across all institutions – regardless of size or budget
  • Increases competitiveness of academic institutions

SPARC Benefits of Open Access

Sabancı University Open Science Policy

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Latest Additions to Sabanci University Research Database

Latest 100 Additions to Sabanci University Research Database


  1. Open Access publishing
  2. Embargo Period
  3. Hybrid Journal
  4. Creative Commons – Licences
  5. Pre-Print & Post-print
  6. Finding Reputable Open Access Journals
  7. Publisher Policies
  8. Article Processing Charge (APC)
  9. Open Access Journals
  10. Open Access Repositories
  11. Predatory Journals and Publishers

a. Open Access publishing

b. Embargo Period

c. Hybrid Journal

d. Creative Commons – Licences

e. Pre-Print & Post-print

f. Finding Reputable Open Access Journals

g. Publisher Policies

h. Article Processing Charge (APC)

i. Open Access Journals

j. Open Access Repositories

k. Predatory Journals and Publishers