Callus initiation for indirect pollen embryogenesis in anemone coronaria

Ari, E. and Büyükalaca, S. and Abak, K. and Çetiner, Selim (2007) Callus initiation for indirect pollen embryogenesis in anemone coronaria. In: XXII International Eucarpia Symposium, Section Ornamentals, Breeding for Beauty, Sanremo, Italy

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In the present study, anther culture method was used in Anemone coronaria, known as Manisa Tulip in Turkiye, in order to obtain haploid plants. The anthers with uninucleate microspores of the flower buds, collected from an A. coronaria var. coccinea population, were used as explant. In the treatments, two basic tissue culture media (NN and B5) were tested with 4 different auxin concentrations and also 4 different auxin:cytokinin ratios. Anthers were subjected to a chilling pre-treatment for 7 days at +7°C in the dark and then incubated under continuous dark conditions at 25 +1°C. The use of cytokinin together with auxin increased callus induction frequency. It was also found that the treatments with the combinations consisting of both kind of growth regulators in B5 medium showed more successful performance.
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