The swift deep galactic plane survey (DGPS) phase I catalog

O’Connor, B. and Kouveliotou, C. and Evans, P. A. and Gorgone, N. and Van Kooten, A. J. and Gagnon, S. and Yang, H. and Baring, M. G. and Bellm, E. and Beniamini, P. and Brink, J. and Buckley, D. A. H. and Cenko, S. B. and Egbo, O. D. and Göğüş, Ersin and Granot, J. and Hailey, C. and Hare, J. and Harrison, F. and Hartmann, D. and van der Horst, A. J. and Huppenkothen, D. and Kaper, L. and Kargaltsev, O. and Kennea, J. A. and Mukai, K. and Slane, P. O. and Stern, D. and Troja, E. and Wadiasingh, Z. and Wijers, R. A. M. J. and Woudt, P. and Younes, G. (2023) The swift deep galactic plane survey (DGPS) phase I catalog. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 269 (2). ISSN 0067-0049 (Print) 1538-4365 (Online)

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The Swift Deep Galactic Plane Survey (DGPS) is a Swift Key Project consisting of 380 tiled pointings covering ∼40 deg2 of the Galactic plane between longitude 10 < ∣l∣ < 30 deg and latitude ∣b∣ < 0.5 deg. Each pointing has a 5 ks exposure, yielding a total of 1.9 Ms spread across the entire survey footprint. Phase I observations were carried out between 2017 March and 2021 May. The survey is complete to depth L X > 1034 erg s−1 to the edge of the Galaxy. The main survey goal is to produce a rich sample of new X-ray sources and transients, while also covering a broad discovery space. Here, we introduce the survey strategy and present a catalog of sources detected during Phase I observations. In total, we identify 928 X-ray sources, of which 348 are unique to our X-ray catalog. We report on the characteristics of sources in our catalog and highlight sources newly classified and published by the DGPS team.
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