Ultra-resilient multi-layer fluorinated diamond like carbon hydrophobic surfaces

Hoque, Muhammad Jahidul and Li, Longnan and Ma, Jingcheng and Cha, Hyeongyun and Sett, Soumyadip and Yan, Xiao and Rabbi, Kazi Fazle and Ho, Jin Yao and Khodakarami, Siavash and Suwala, Jason and Yang, Wentao and Mohammad Moradi, Omid and Özaydın İnce, Gözde and Miljkovic, Nenad (2023) Ultra-resilient multi-layer fluorinated diamond like carbon hydrophobic surfaces. Nature Communications, 14 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

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Seventy percent of global electricity is generated by steam-cycle power plants. A hydrophobic condenser surface within these plants could boost overall cycle efficiency by 2%. In 2022, this enhancement equates to an additional electrical power generation of 1000 TWh annually, or 83% of the global solar electricity production. Furthermore, this efficiency increase reduces CO2 emissions by 460 million tons /year with a decreased use of 2 trillion gallons of cooling water per year. However, the main challenge with hydrophobic surfaces is their poor durability. Here, we show that solid microscale-thick fluorinated diamond-like carbon (F-DLC) possesses mechanical and thermal properties that ensure durability in moist, abrasive, and thermally harsh conditions. The F-DLC coating achieves this without relying on atmospheric interactions, infused lubricants, self-healing strategies, or sacrificial surface designs. Through tailored substrate adhesion and multilayer deposition, we develop a pinhole-free F-DLC coating with low surface energy and comparable Young’s modulus to metals. In a three-year steam condensation experiment, the F-DLC coating maintains hydrophobicity, resulting in sustained and improved dropwise condensation on multiple metallic substrates. Our findings provide a promising solution to hydrophobic material fragility and can enhance the sustainability of renewable and non-renewable energy sources.
Item Type: Article
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences > Academic programs > Materials Science & Eng.
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
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Date Deposited: 03 Sep 2023 14:49
Last Modified: 03 Sep 2023 14:49
URI: https://research.sabanciuniv.edu/id/eprint/47697

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