Bioconjugated materials: preparation, characterization and therapeutic applications

Esmaeili Rad, Monireh and Cankurtaran, Selen Ezgi and Gülmez, Mert and Kurt, Hasan and Yüce, Meral (2023) Bioconjugated materials: preparation, characterization and therapeutic applications. Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry. Elsevier.

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Currently, pharmaceutical research introduces bioconjugated structures along with nanoparticulate carrier technologies to overcome several limitations associated with existing drug delivery systems. Bioconjugation is a beneficial alternative to nanoparticle-based delivery systems in most cases due to its simple and generally one-step active ingredient conjugation processes and targeting abilities. In its simple description, bioconjugation involves the covalent attachment of two molecules to create a complex in which at least one of the molecules is a biomolecule, a derivative, or a fragment of a biomolecule. The conjugation process usually is done easily and, in most cases, controllable to form novel and useful complexes with multi-functions and preferred features. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), aptamer−drug conjugates (ApDCs), and polymer-drug conjugates are among the most important bioconjugated structures with important therapeutic applications in the treatment of cancer. Conjugation aims to deliver toxic therapeutics to the intended cancerous cells with high efficacy while protecting healthy cells from the side effects of toxicity. This chapter presents an overview of the application of conjugated materials in therapeutics, drug delivery, and controlled release studies. First, bioconjugated structures and building blocks, processes, and reactions to prepare these materials, using representative examples, will be discussed. After a detailed description of synthesized bioconjugates' purification and characterization steps, we will focus on the precise structure of materials used in drug conjugation and drug release studies in the treatment of several disease including cancer.
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Antibodies; Aptamers; Drugs; Nanoparticles; Polymers
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