Mobility-assisted over-the-air computation for backscatter sensor networks

Farajzadeh, Amin and Erçetin, Özgür and Yanikomeroglu, Halim (2020) Mobility-assisted over-the-air computation for backscatter sensor networks. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 9 (5). pp. 675-678. ISSN 2162-2337 (Print) 2162-2345 (Online)

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Future intelligent systems will consist of a massive number of battery-less sensors, where quick and accurate aggregation of sensor data will be of paramount importance. Over-the-air computation (AirComp) is a promising technology wherein sensors concurrently transmit their measurements over the wireless channel, and a reader receives the noisy version of a function of measurements due to the superposition property. A key challenge in AirComp is the accurate power alignment of individual transmissions, addressed previously by using conventional precoding methods. In this letter, we investigate a UAV-enabled backscatter communication framework, wherein UAV acts both as a power emitter and reader. The mobility of the reader is leveraged to replace the complicated precoding at sensors, where UAV first collects sum channel gains in the first flyover, and then, use these to estimate the actual aggregated sensor data in the second flyover. Our results demonstrate improvements of up to 10 dB in MSE compared to that of a benchmark case where UAV is incognizant of sum channel gains.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: AirComp; ambient backscattering; IoT; UAV
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Depositing User: Özgür Erçetin
Date Deposited: 30 Jul 2023 16:48
Last Modified: 30 Jul 2023 16:48

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