Lower lower-critical spin-glass dimension from quenched mixed-spatial-dimensional spin glasses

Atalay, Bora and Berker, A. Nihat (2018) Lower lower-critical spin-glass dimension from quenched mixed-spatial-dimensional spin glasses. Physical Review E, 98 (4). ISSN 2470-0045 (Print) 2470-0053 (Online)

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By quenched-randomly mixing local units of different spatial dimensionalities, we have studied Ising spin-glass systems on hierarchical lattices continuously in dimensionalities 1≤d≤3. The global phase diagram in temperature, antiferromagnetic bond concentration, and spatial dimensionality is calculated. We find that, as dimension is lowered, the spin-glass phase disappears to zero temperature at the lower-critical dimension dc=2.431. Our system being a physically realizable system, this sets an upper limit to the lower-critical dimension in general for the Ising spin-glass phase. As dimension is lowered towards dc, the spin-glass critical temperature continuously goes to zero, but the spin-glass chaos fully subsists to the brink of the disappearance of the spin-glass phase. The Lyapunov exponent, measuring the strength of chaos, is thus largely unaffected by the approach to dc and shows a discontinuity to zero at dc.
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Date Deposited: 06 Jun 2023 14:30
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2023 14:30
URI: https://research.sabanciuniv.edu/id/eprint/45910

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