Intra- and interspecies RNA-seq based variants in the lactation process of ruminants

Farhadian, Mohammad and Rafat, Seyed Abbas and Mayack, Christopher and Bohlouli, Mehdi (2022) Intra- and interspecies RNA-seq based variants in the lactation process of ruminants. Animals, 12 (24). ISSN 2076-2615

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The RNA-Seq data provides new opportunities for the detection of transcriptome variants’ single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in various species and tissues. Herein, milk samples from two sheep breeds and two cow breeds were utilized to characterize the genetic variation in the coding regions in three stages (before-peak (BP), peak (P), and after-peak (AP)) of the lactation process. In sheep breeds Assaf and Churra, 100,462 and 97,768, 65,996 and 62,161, and 78,656 and 39,245 variants were observed for BP, P, and AP lactation stages, respectively. The number of specific variants was 59,798 and 76,419, 11,483 and 49,210, and 104,033 and 320,817 in cow breeds Jersy and Kashmiri, respectively, for BP, P, and AP stages. Via the transcriptome analysis of variation in regions containing QTL for fat, protein percentages, and milk yield, we detected a number of pathways and genes harboring mutations that could influence milk production attributes. Many SNPs detected here can be regarded as appropriate markers for custom SNP arrays or genotyping platforms to conduct association analyses among commercial populations. The results of this study offer new insights into milk production genetic mechanisms in cow and sheep breeds, which can contribute to designing suitable breeding systems for optimal milk production.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: cow; milk; RNA-Seq; sheep; variant calling
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