Systematic measurements of interleaflet friction in supported bilayers

Anthony, Autumn A. and Şahin, Osman and Yapıcı, Murat Kaya and Rogers, Daniel and Honerkamp-Smith, Aurelia R. (2022) Systematic measurements of interleaflet friction in supported bilayers. Biophysical Journal, 121 (15). pp. 2981-2993. ISSN 0006-3495 (Print) 1542-0086 (Online)

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When lipid membranes curve or are subjected to strong shear forces, the two apposed leaflets of the bilayer slide past each other. The drag that one leaflet creates on the other is quantified by the coefficient of interleaflet friction, b. Existing measurements of this coefficient range over several orders of magnitude, so we used a recently developed microfluidic technique to measure it systematically in supported lipid membranes. Fluid shear stress was used to force the top leaflet of a supported membrane to slide over the stationary lower leaflet. Here, we show that this technique yields a reproducible measurement of the friction coefficient and is sensitive enough to detect differences in friction between membranes made from saturated and unsaturated lipids. Adding cholesterol to saturated and unsaturated membranes increased interleaflet friction significantly. We also discovered that fluid shear stress can reversibly induce gel phase in supported lipid bilayers that are close to the gel-transition temperature.
Item Type: Article
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Depositing User: Murat Kaya Yapıcı
Date Deposited: 20 Aug 2022 15:06
Last Modified: 20 Aug 2022 15:06

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