Therapeutic potential of AMPK signaling targeting in lung cancer: advances, challenges and future prospects

Ashrafizadeh, Milad and Mirzaei, Sepideh and Hushmandi, Kiavash and Rahmanian, Vahid and Zabolian, Amirhossein and Raei, Mehdi and Farahani, Mahdi Vasheghani and Goharrizi, Mohammad Ali Sheikh Beig and Khan, Haroon and Zarrabi, Ali and Samarghandian, Saeed (2021) Therapeutic potential of AMPK signaling targeting in lung cancer: advances, challenges and future prospects. Life Sciences, 278 . ISSN 0024-3205 (Print) 1879-0631 (Online)

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Lung cancer (LC) is a leading cause of death worldwide with high mortality and morbidity. A wide variety of risk factors are considered for LC development such as smoking, air pollution and family history. It appears that genetic and epigenetic factors are also potential players in LC development and progression. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a signaling pathway with vital function in inducing energy balance and homeostasis. An increase in AMP:ATP and ADP:ATP ratio leads to activation of AMPK signaling by upstream mediators such as LKB1 and CamKK. Dysregulation of AMPK signaling is a common finding in different cancers, particularly LC. AMPK activation can significantly enhance LC metastasis via EMT induction. Upstream mediators such as PLAG1, IMPAD1, and TUFM can regulate AMPK-mediated metastasis. AMPK activation can promote proliferation and survival of LC cells via glycolysis induction. In suppressing LC progression, anti-tumor compounds including metformin, ginsenosides, casticin and duloxetine dually induce/inhibit AMPK signaling. This is due to double-edged sword role of AMPK signaling in LC cells. Furthermore, AMPK signaling can regulate response of LC cells to chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are discussed in the current review.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: AMPK; Apoptosis; Autophagy; Drug resistance; Lung cancer; Tumor microenvironment
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
Depositing User: Ali Zarrabi
Date Deposited: 30 Aug 2022 18:27
Last Modified: 30 Aug 2022 18:27

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