Synthesis and morphological control of vo2 nanostructures via a one-step hydrothermal method

Karahan, Özlem and Tufani, Ali and Ünal, Serkan and Mısırlıoğlu, Burç and Menceloğlu, Yusuf Z. and Şendur, Kürşat (2021) Synthesis and morphological control of vo2 nanostructures via a one-step hydrothermal method. Nanomaterials, 11 (3). ISSN 2079-4991

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The morphology of nanostructures is a vital parameter to consider in components com-prised of materials exhibiting specific functionalities. The number of process steps and the need for high temperatures can often be a limiting factor when targeting a specific morphology. Here, we demonstrate a repeatable synthesis of different morphologies of a highly crystalline monoclinic phase of vanadium dioxide (VO2 (M)) using a one-step hydrothermal method. By adjusting the synthesis parameters, such as pH, temperature, and reducing agent concentration in the precursor, VO2 nanostructures with high uniformity and crystallinity are achieved. Some of these morphologies were obtained via the choice of the reducing agent that allowed us to skip the annealing step. Our results indicate that the morphologies of the nanostructures are very sensitive to the hydrazine hydrate (N2 H4.H2 O) concentration. Another reducing agent, dodecylamine, was used to achieve well-organized and high-quality VO2 (M) nanotubes. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) experiments revealed that all samples display the monoclinic-to-tetragonal structural transition (MTST) regardless of the morphology, albeit at different temperatures that can be interpreted as the variations in overheating and undercooling limits. VO2 (M) structures with a higher surface to volume ratio exhibit a higher overheating limit than those with low ratios.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Hydrothermal synthesis; Nanoparticle morphology; Phase transition temperature; VO2(M)
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences > Basic Sciences > Chemistry
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences > Academic programs > Materials Science & Eng.
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research and Application Center
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Date Deposited: 17 Aug 2022 16:08
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