Visual exploratory tool for storyline generation

Balcısoy, Selim (2016) Visual exploratory tool for storyline generation. In: ÜNAK 2014: Uluslararası Kültürel Mirasın ve Kültürel Bellek Kurumlarının Yönetimi Kongresi, İstanbul, Türkiye

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Storyline visualizations are useful to let people explore works of literature. It was first introduced in XKCD’s Mov ie Narrative Charts as a hand - drawn illustration. Tanahashi and Ma proposed some considerations on the design of the storyline visualization and automation became meaningful because of its aesthetic and clear representation style. Shixia Liu and Yingcai Wu ’s StoryFlow had become the next step in storyline visualization. With the efficient optimization approach on automation, representation of the complex stories became efficient and enabled users to track and understand the story easier. In all cases before generating the visualizations, an input file must be created manually. In this work we propose a semi - automatic exploratory visual tool for preparation of the input files. The tool first preprocesses a novel by separating time, space and character components according to an identifier and then classifies them. After preprocessing, the tool allows users to make modifications of location, character and storyline with visual interfaces. Our tool leads user to efficiently analyze whole storyline with character and locations in a continuum provided by the story.
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Storyline visualizations, visual exploratory, tools
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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