An effective strategy to improve grain zinc concentration of winter wheat, Aphids prevention and farmers' income

Wang, Xiao-Zhong and Liu, Dun-Yi and Zhang, Wei and Wang, Cheng-Ju and Çakmak, İsmail and Zou, Chun-Qin (2015) An effective strategy to improve grain zinc concentration of winter wheat, Aphids prevention and farmers' income. Field Crops Research, 184 . pp. 74-79. ISSN 0378-4290

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Foliar zinc (Zn) application represents an effective way to improve grain Zn concentration of cereal crops. Spraying Zn together insecticides would be an important advantage for the growers to minimize costs. However, there is very little information about combined foliar application of Zn fertilizers together with insecticides. A field experiment was conducted to investigate how spraying Zn fertilizer in form of ZnSO4 together with commonly applied insecticides (e.g., Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid) affects the grain Zn concentration of wheat grown in the Northern China Plain. The main treatment included three levels: only insecticide applied (recorded as T1); foliar Zn fertilizer applied one day after insecticide application (recorded as T2); foliar Zn fertilizer applied together with insecticide (recorded as T3). The results showed that there was no antagonistic effect between insecticide and Zn when they were sprayed together. Compared with insecticide application only, foliar application of Zn fertilizer with insecticide increased grain yield by 3.7–4.9%, and grain Zn density by 48.2–61.6%. Grain yield and grain Zn concentration were not affected no matter Zn fertilizers were applied simultaneously with insecticide or one day after. The toxic effect of insecticide on insects was not affected when it was mixed with Zn fertilizer in the laboratory condition. Compared with application of Zn fertilizer and insecticide at different times, simultaneous combination can reduce the cost by 120 USD ha−1 and increase farmers’ net income by 6.3%. Therefore the results show clearly that ZnSO4 can be mixed and sprayed together with insecticide without causing any adverse effect. This is a very useful and cost-effective approach for growers contributing both to improving grain yield and grain Zn concentration and controlling aphids as well.
Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Grain Zn concentration; Economic benefit; Foliar application strategy; Insecticide; Wheat
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