On the SPH modelling of flow over cylinder beneath to a free-surface

Özbulut, Murat and Tofighi, Nima and Gören, Ömer and Yıldız, Mehmet (2015) On the SPH modelling of flow over cylinder beneath to a free-surface. In: VI International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (Marine 2015), Rome, Italy

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This work aims to model flow around rigid cylinder beneath to a free surface by using a particle based Lagrangian method, namely, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) which has clear advantages on modeling nonlinear violent free surface problems. This problem which is also regarded as 2-d wave making problem in marine hydrodynamics literature is carried out for three different positions of cylinder centre with two different Froude numbers. The fluid motion is governed by continuity and Eulers equations while Weakly Compressible SPH (WCSPH) approximation together with artificial viscosity term is employed for the numerical discretization of the problem domain. Hybrid Velocity-updated XSPH and Articial Particle Displacement (VXSPH+APD) correction algorithm [1] and standard density correction treatment is also added into the numerical scheme. The Reynolds number is chosen as close to 200 for all cases where three dimensionality first starts to be effective in the flow domain [2]. As the flow characteristics are metastable [12], the free-surface deformations, drag and the lift force on the body shows periodic variation during the evolution of the flow. Free-surface deformations at the maximum and minimum lift instants are compared with the results of Reichl et.al. [12] for the first two cases. The last case considers a higher Froude number and deeper cylinder position where lift and drag forces are compared with the findings of [22]. It is observed that the obtained free-surface profiles, mean values of drag and lift forces give consistent results in a good with the referred literature data.
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