An efficient and private RFID authentication protocol supporting ownership transfer

Kardaş, Süleyman and Çelik, Serkan and Arslan, Atakan and Levi, Albert (2013) An efficient and private RFID authentication protocol supporting ownership transfer. In: Second International Workshop (LightSec 2013), Gebze, Kocaeli

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Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) systems are getting pervasively deployed in many daily life applications. But this increased usage of RFID systems brings some serious problems together, security and privacy. In some applications, ownership transfer of RFID labels is sine qua non need. Specifically, the owner of RFID tag might be required to change several times during its lifetime. Besides, after ownership transfer, the authentication protocol should also prevent the old owner to trace the tags and disallow the new owner to trace old transactions of the tags. On the other hand, while achieving privacy and security concerns, the computation complexity should be considered. In order to resolve these issues, numerous authentication protocols have been proposed in the literature. Many of them failed and their computation load on the server side is very high. Motivated by this need, we propose an RFID mutual authentication protocol to provide ownership transfer. In our protocol, the server needs only a constant-time complexity for identification when the tag and server are synchronized. In case of ownership transfer, our protocol preserves both old and new owners’ privacy. Our protocol is backward untraceable against a strong adversary who compromise tag, and also forward untraceable under an assumption.
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Uncontrolled Keywords: RFID, Privacy, Security, Ownership Transfer Protocol
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