Co-firing of biomass and other wastes in fluidised bed systems

Gulyurtlu, I and Lopes, H and Boavida, D and Abelha, P and Werther, J and Hartge, E.-U. and Wischnewski, R and Leckner, B and Åmand, L.-E. and Davidsson, K and Salatino, P and Chirone, R and Scala, F and Urciuolo, M and Oliveira, J.F. and Lapa, N and Morais, J. and Heidenhof, N. and Dugwell, D. and Paterson, N. and Kandiyoti, R. and Schiavetti, M. and Donatini, F. and Yürüm, Yuda and Dumanlı, Ahu Gümrah (2006) Co-firing of biomass and other wastes in fluidised bed systems. In: 19th Fluidized Bed Conference, The International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion, Vienna, Austria

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A project on co-firing in large-scale power plants burning coal is currently funded by the European Commission. It is called COPOWER. The project involves 10 organisations from 6 countries. The project involves combustion studies over the full spectrum of equipment size, ranging from small laboratory-scale reactors and pilot plants, to investigate fundamentals and operating parameters, to proving trials on a commercial power plant in Duisburg. The power plant uses a circulating fluidized bed boiler. The results to be obtained are to be compared as function of scale-up. There are two different coals, 3 types of biomass and 2 kinds of waste materials are to be used for blending with coal for co-firing tests. The baseline values are obtained during a campaign of one month at the power station and the results are used for comparison with those to be obtained in other units of various sizes. Future tests will be implemented with the objective to achieve improvement on baseline values. The fuels to be used are already characterized. There are ongoing studies to determine reactivities of fuels and chars produced from the fuels. Reactivities are determined not only for individual fuels but also for blends to be used. Presently pilot-scale combustion tests are also undertaken to study the effect of blending coal with different types of biomass and waste materials. The potential for synergy to improve combustion is investigated. Early results will be reported in the Conference. Simultaneously, studies to verify the availability of biomass and waste materials in Portugal, Turkey and Italy have been undertaken. Techno-economic barriers for the future use of biomass and other waste materials are identified. The potential of using these materials in coal fired power stations has been assessed. The conclusions will also be reported.
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