Friction rendering of parametric surfaces

Ulusoy, Melda and Patoğlu, Volkan (2011) Friction rendering of parametric surfaces. In: IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC 2011), Istanbul, Turkey

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/WHC.2011.5945465


We present a direct model-based friction rendering algorithm for continuous parametric surfaces. Unlike the existing approaches, friction rendering does not rely on the algorithms introduced for polyhedral surfaces. Our algorithm implements the stiction model of friction for haptic rendering by utilizing a feedback-stabilized closest point tracking algorithm developed for parametric surfaces. Therefore, our friction rendering algorithm is inherently stable and it can handle surfaces with high curvature. Furthermore, it allows for transitions from sticking to sliding and sliding to sticking, as well as surface to surface transitions, without introducing discontinuous force artifacts. Our algorithm allows for tuning of the friction coefficient during the mode transitions to enable rendering of the Stribeck effect. Thanks to its feedback-stabilized core, it is robust against drift and numerical noise. The algorithm is computationally efficient; its applicability and effectiveness to simulate friction is verified through real-time implementations.

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