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Afşar, Dilara (2021) Politics of housing in Hisarüstü: Intergenerational encounters in an İstanbul locality. [Thesis]

Afşar, Dilara (2021) Politics of housing in Hisarüstü:Intergenerational encounters in an İstanbul locality. [Thesis]

Ahmad, Waqar (2021) Efficient HEVC and VVC motion estimation hardware. [Thesis]

Ahmed, Kazi Sher (2021) Design of active magnetic bearing spindles for micro-milling applications. [Thesis]

Aktaş, Ethem Utku (2021) Automated software issue triage in large scale industrial context. [Thesis]

Akülkü, İrem (2021) Mapping the distribution of the octopamine beta receptor subtype-2 in the honeybee (apis mellifera) brain. [Thesis]

Ali Ahmed, Sara Atito (2021) Deep learning ensembles for image understanding. [Thesis]

Ali Pour, Mahdi (2021) Testitalready: A code-free approach for authoring executable and maintainable test cases for non-technical stakeholders. [Thesis]

Alptekin, Halit (2021) Trapdroid: Bare-metal android malware behavior analysis framework. [Thesis]

Altıkardeş, Ceyda (2021) Gender and the city: migration of well-educated women from İstanbul to Berlin. [Thesis]

Altun, Ozan Altuğ (2021) Essays on microeconomics. [Thesis]

Atar, Büşra (2021) A study on binomial edge ideals. [Thesis]

Ateşsaçan, Begüm (2021) Traditionality and trustworthiness in Turkey: A vignette experiment in the context of employee selection. [Thesis]

Barsakçı, Burcu (2021) Simultaneous rational periodic points of degree-2 rational maps. [Thesis]

Barzegar Osgouei, Zahra (2021) A novel analytical temprature model development for turning in orthogonal and oblique conditions including the effects of all deformation zones and tool wear. [Thesis]

Bayraktar, Can (2021) Development of a thermomechanical finite element model for laser powder bed fusion process and its comparison with inherent strain method. [Thesis]

Bayur, Ekin (2021) The struggle of religious organizations for political power: The cases of Turkey and Egypt. [Thesis]

Bilal, Diyar Khalis (2021) Developing Learning Algorithms for Enhancing Industrial Machine Vision Systems and Improving Task Accuracy of Robotic Manipulators. [Thesis]

Bilgili, Hatice Kübra (2021) Analysis of PCL based functionally gradient bone scaffolds fabricated using NIPS based 3D printing. [Thesis]

Burak, Abdurrahman (2021) 4x1 Mimo compact half duplex RF T/R module with high resolution in 130 NM sige bicmos for 5G applications/. [Thesis]

Büyüksavaş, Begüm (2021) An analysis on unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) from the perspective of domestic audience costs. [Thesis]

Cin, Ayşe Nur (2021) Identifying characteristic properties and antioxidant effect of quercetin loaded titanium dioxide nanoparticles. [Thesis]

Çamiçi, İlhan (2021) The future is made of history: Narrating the past in Turkish dystopian literature. [Thesis]

Çetin, Beril (2021) Parameter selection approach and optimization in abrasive water jet machining. [Thesis]

Çimdiker, İlim İrfan (2021) Constraints from inflation and black-holes on emergent gravşty theories. [Thesis]

Demir, Simge (2021) Idemix based anonymization for home automation systems. [Thesis]

Diba, Milad (2021) Design of a programmable low-noise and low-power readout channel for solid-state detectors. [Thesis]

Dörtkaşlı, Kerem (2021) Thermal finite element model to compute melt pool dimensions for directed energy deposition additive manufacturing process with experimental validation. [Thesis]

Ebadi, Malek (2021) Personalized screening policies for cervical cancer prevention. [Thesis]

Ekmen, Erhan (2021) Discovery of amino acid compositions and motifs responsible for topological transitions in protein complexes. [Thesis]

Emre, Mustafa (2021) The role of external actors in constitution-making processes: The case study of Syrian post-conflict constitution-making process. [Thesis]

Erdoğan, Ebubekir Furkan (2021) Ontological security and support for peace processes. [Thesis]

Firouzmandi, Reza (2021) Fabrication and characterization of AI/AIOX/AI Josephson junctions for superconducting qubits. [Thesis]

Gemalmaz, Ömer Faruk (2021) Conflicts and elections: When is domestic diversion more likely to occur? [Thesis]

Gholizadehfotouhabadi, Fatemeh (2021) Preference learning application in peer-to-peer logistics platforms. [Thesis]

Girişken, Çağla (2021) Novel low shrinkage thermoplastic olefins with cool pigments additives: Desing, preparation and performance evaluation. [Thesis]

Göğebakan, Umut Barış (2021) High-Performance Dielectric Substrate Development with Low Dk and Df for RF and mm-wave Applications. [Thesis]

Göktürk, Gökhan (2021) Ultra-fast influence maximization with fused sampling and sketches. [Thesis]

Günay, Gülizar (2021) Geometric and combinatorial aspects of normal rational curves in PG(2,Q) and PG(3,Q). [Thesis]

Gündeş, Eda Helin (2021) Changing shopping habits in supermarket during Covid-19. [Thesis]

Gürel, Derya Berkin (2021) Design and prototyping of sub-millimeter-period undulators for free electron laser. [Thesis]

Gürkan, Mert (2021) Leveraging innovative data sources for analysis of migration patterns. [Thesis]

Hocaoğlu, Yarkın (2021) Fault Tolerant Control of a Quadrotor Helicopter. [Thesis]

Ibrahim, Rasheed (2021) Assessing Turkish foreign policy towards sub-saharan Africa: Somalia as a case study. [Thesis]

Jafarpour, Mohammad (2021) Preparation of 2D Materials with Small Scale Multiphase Flows. [Thesis]

Jamshidi, Hamid (2021) Analytical modeling of grinding process for improved productivity, part quality and material properties. [Thesis]

Kaval, Ceren (2021) Predictors of competitive victimhood beliefs in Turkey's Kurdish conflict: Turkish and Kurdish group context. [Thesis]

Kazzaz, Gizem (2021) A Glimpse into the world of muhajirs: Circassians in Ottoman Syria (1864-1910). [Thesis]

Keskin, Özge (2021) Comparative studies of astrophysical gamma-ray events detected with FERMI/GBM. [Thesis]

Khalilian Motamed Bonab, Ali (2021) Simulation Based Optimal Design of Exoskeletons to Reduce Metabolic Cost and Improve Energy Efficiency. [Thesis]

Khan, Raja Muhammad Awais (2021) Failure investigation of composite materials using multi-instrument experimental techniques and numerical method. [Thesis]

Khandar Shahabad, Peiman (2021) Vibration analysis of composite laminated shells using 2D spectral Chebyshev method and lamination parameters. [Thesis]

Kılıç, Altan Berdan (2021) The geometric representations of rank-metric codes. [Thesis]

Kırmacı, Tuğce (2021) Politicization, radicalization and moderation: The construction of repertoires of action in Turkish and Tunisian islamist youth. [Thesis]

Kiriş, Ayça (2021) Gender provisions in peace agreements and gender equality in post-agreement settings: Cases of the Philippines and Colombia. [Thesis]

Kjamilji, Artrim (2021) Blockchain driven secure and private machine learning algorithms for post-quantum 5G/6G enabled industrial IOT with applications to cyber-security and health. [Thesis]

Küçüksarı, Zeynep (2021) Dynamic hedonic and utilitarian segmentation based on individual customer purchase patterns. [Thesis]

Mercan, Hanefi (2021) Unified combinatorial interaction testing. [Thesis]

Mert, Ahmet Can (2021) Efficient hardware implementations for lattice-based cryptography primitives. [Thesis]

Moghtader, Bardia (2021) A collaborative filtering-based recommendation system for an online high-end retailer. [Thesis]

Mohammadpour Chehrghani, Mirvahid (2021) Phase Change Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Engineered Surfaces. [Thesis]

Mousavi Gargari, Seyyed Saber (2021) Effects of regret in supply chain decisions: An experimental study. [Thesis]

Nabi, Afshan (2021) Discovering coding LNCRNAS using deep learning training dynamics. [Thesis]

Niazi, Soroush (2021) Porous and rough micro/nano structures for enhancing the performance of phase change cooling systems. [Thesis]

Osman, Usamah Yaaseen Haji Alimohamed (2021) Bayesian reinforcement learning with mcmc to maximize energy output in hardware-in-the-loop simulations of vertical axis wind turbine. [Thesis]

Ömrüuzun Seyrek, Halime (2021) Construction of evidently positive series and an alternative construction for a family of partition generating functions deu to Kanade and Russell. [Thesis]

Önder, Cem (2021) At the intersection of bisexuality and masculinity: Bisexual people's experiences in Turkey. [Thesis]

Özçelik, Necdet (2021) Preparation and incorporation of multi-functional carbon nano materials into fiber reinforced polymeric composites. [Thesis]

Özdemir, Anıl (2021) Data driven exploration of document collection to understand underlying social fabric using graph representation learning. [Thesis]

Özkaymak, Şevval (2021) The relationship between political interest and out-group attitudes. [Thesis]

Özsaygın, Oğuz (2021) Applications of unified combinatorial interaction testing. [Thesis]

Özsoy, Sertan (2021) Financial market participation and business cycles in Turkey. [Thesis]

Pamir, Beril (2021) The European Union's third party role in solving conflicts in its periphery. [Thesis]

Pulatyan, Rudi Sayat (2021) Which Armenianness? The Armenian youth of Turkey and their sense of identity and belonging. [Thesis]

Rafiei Anamagh, Mirmeysam (2021) Development of a new spectral modeling approach to investigate the dynamic and buckling behavior of composite structures. [Thesis]

Saeed, Akhtar (2021) Terahertz-band communications at various atmospheric altitudes. [Thesis]

Sancaktaroğlu, Afşin (2021) A data-driven approach to reduce food waste for a consumer goods company. [Thesis]

Sezgin, Mehmet (2021) Islam and democratization in the Arab world: A micro level analysis of support for democracy. [Thesis]

Shojaeian, Milad (2021) Self-assembly microfabrication of multilayered helical nanomembrane and its application as microswimming robots. [Thesis]

Sürek, Ege (2021) Evaluating The United Nations's success in ethnic conflict management. [Thesis]

Şahin, Sena (2021) The Turks have no friends but The Turks: The Sevres trauma and the construction of an exclusionary national identity. [Thesis]

Şimşek, Şevval (2021) Privacy preserving identification in home automation systems. [Thesis]

Taş, Cüneyt Erdinç (2021) Hybrid polymeric materials comprising clay nanotubes, photothermal agents and phase change materials for food, water and energy applications. [Thesis]

Taşpınar, Rabia (2021) Discretization based solution approaches for the circle packing problem. [Thesis]

Tehranizadeh, Faraz (2021) Design and optimization of end mills with special geometries for high productivity and their use in different applications. [Thesis]

Tezer, Vatan Aksoy (2021) Automated test case generation for self-driving cars using CCTV videos. [Thesis]

Timuçin, Fatma (2021) 8-Bit iron fist: Digital authoritarianism in competitive authoritarian regimes: The cases of Turkey and Hungary. [Thesis]

Traşçı, Yusuf (2021) Interrogating masculinites of former cadets:The changing dimensions of military masculinities after military school closures in Turkey. [Thesis]

Tuncer, Deniz (2021) Misocp-based solution approaches to the unit commitment problem with AC power flows. [Thesis]

Tümer, Afife Serra (2021) Imagined contact among minority group members: A comparison of majority and interminority contact. [Thesis]

Tümer, Hilal Cemile (2021) Aegean in a state of flux:|bA study on the moreot migrants in the nineteenth century. [Thesis]

Türker, Nazlı (2021) Hotel room sales prediction for a travel agency. [Thesis]

Türkileri, Meliz (2021) An essay on applied ecomics. [Thesis]

Ulutaş, Tuğçe (2021) Concatenated codes, matrix-product codes and their schur product. [Thesis]

Uyar, Murat (2021) Rational preperiodic points of cubic post-critically finite polynomials. [Thesis]

Ünal, Elif İnci (2021) Public participation in science and technology:a proposal for global deliberation on stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). [Thesis]

Ünal, Gökçen Hande Betül (2021) Tunes from a sultans's diary: Musical performances and musicians in the Rüznames of Mahmud I (R. 1730-1754). [Thesis]

Yağlıoğlu, Berk (2021) Computing matrix permanents and counting perfect matchings on GPUS. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Alper (2021) Building state capacity: The uneven territorial reach of the Turkish state during the republican ERA|. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Emir Alaattin (2021) Recommendation System by Link Prediction Approach on Transactional Data. [Thesis]

Yurdakul, Nihal (2021) On exceptional almost perfect non-linear functions. [Thesis]

Yurtsever, Yağmur (2021) The beggary in Ottoman İstanbul: A transformation from legitimacy to exclusion (1834-1908). [Thesis]


Abbasiasl, Taher (2020) Spray formation under the effect of micro scale cavitation and its biomedical applications. [Thesis]

Abbaszadehpeivasti, Hadi (2020) On maximum likelihood and sample moment estimators for the MTH(central) moment in a normal and generalized gamma population. [Thesis]

Abdennebi, Anes (2020) A high performance CPU-GPU database for streaming data analysis. [Thesis]

Acar, Anıl Ahmet (2020) Designing and additive manufacturing of customizable, modular scaffold blocks for large bone defects. [Thesis]

Afghah, Seyedeh Ferdows (2020) Hybrid 3D bioprinting of functionalized structures for tissue engineering. [Thesis]

Akar, Ogün (2020) Contextualizing COVID-19 related misinformation and disinformation: an intersectional approach to the infodemic. [Thesis]

Akdemir, Eda Eylül (2020) The effect of release dates on the book sale ranks. [Thesis]

Akyıldız, Taha Atahan (2020) Boosting large-scale graph embedding with multi-level graph coarsening. [Thesis]

Alabsi Aljundi, Amro (2020) A CPU-GPU hybrid algorithm for embedding large graphs. [Thesis]

Alkan, Oğuzhan (2020) The interactive effect of media bias and election proximity on political knowledge. [Thesis]

Altay, Rana (2020) Fluid mixing efficiency enhancement in microchannels having spiral elliptic and curved structures with various baffle geometries. [Thesis]

Altun, Hamza Yusuf (2020) Shedding new light on intracellular signaling pathways-establishing live-cell fluorescence imaging techniques using genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors. [Thesis]

Alver, Muhammed Burak (2020) Synthetic aperture radar imaging with deep neural networks. [Thesis]

Apaydın, Samet (2020) The role of refugee flows and porous borders in shaping voting behavior: an analysis from Turkish elections. [Thesis]

Arabacı, Polen (2020) Comparison of robust optimization models for portfolio optimization. [Thesis]

Arıkan, Muhammed Hasan (2020) An integrated and systematic characterization methodology for vacumm bag only prepregs. [Thesis]

Artıkoğlu, Aygül Laçin (2020) Motives of The European Union on imposing sanctions:an analysis of normativity. [Thesis]

Asgharieh Ahari, Sahand (2020) Mixed-integer exponential cone programming in action:sparse logistic regression and optimal histogram construction. [Thesis]

Asgharpour, Ali (2020) Nanoelectronics and spintronics with DIRAC materials: Spin properties of graphene, topological insulators, and weyl semimetals. [Thesis]

Aslan, Nazlı Ece (2020) Lack of concerted action in The European Union's foreign policy: a comparative analysis of The European Union's presence in the Libyan and Syrian crises. [Thesis]

Atam, Kamil Tolga (2020) Improved heuristics for W-set and K-tree generation on finite state machines. [Thesis]

Ataş, Ayşegül (2020) Determinants of opposition coordination in non-democratic regimes. [Thesis]

Atik, Hazal Selin (2020) The European Union and Turkey: Contestation of eastern mediterranean resources and clash over sovereignty rights. [Thesis]

Ay, Duygu (2020) Discovering cross-cancer patients with a semi-supervised deep clustering approach. [Thesis]

Aydaş, İrem (2020) Pre-election polls in Turkey. [Thesis]

Azgari, Cem (2020) Genome-wide effects of DNA replication on nucleotide excision repair of UV-Induced DNA lesions. [Thesis]

Bahar, Yunus Emre (2020) Search for coherent X-Ray pulsations from neutron stars in low mass X-Ray binaries using rossi X-Ray timing explorer observations. [Thesis]

Bedir, Seden (2020) Functional analysis of a novel mutation in the CD70 gene leading to primary immunodeficiency disease. [Thesis]

Berktaş, İlayda (2020) Facile synthesis of graphite-and graphene-based hybrid additives by silanization and effects of these additives on the thermal conductivity of cementitious grouts used in shallow geothermal systems. [Thesis]

Bilen, İrem (2020) Best-Seller pricing on amazon.com: A panel vector autoregressive approach. [Thesis]

Bilge, İpek (2020) Identification of powdery mildew disease and genetic improvements in hazelnut. [Thesis]

Bonabi Mobaraki, Ehsan (2020) Cyclic Adversarial Framework with Implicit Autoencoder and Wasserstein Loss (CAFIAWL). [Thesis]

Boz, Semih (2020) A multi-phase matheuristic algorithm for the distribution network design problem of a spare-parts supply chain. [Thesis]

Bradshaw, Kathryn Ann (2020) Writing with the ghost:The potential histories of Saidiya Hartman and Susan Howe. [Thesis]

Bulut, Erkin (2020) The life and ideas of an 18th-century Ottoman Bureaucrat: Süleyman Penah Efendi and his Order of the climes. [Thesis]

Canbaz, Ayşe Gül (2020) Can investor's sentiment from forum posts predict bitcoin return? [Thesis]

Ceyhun, Hüseyin Emre (2020) Refugees as a catalyzer of support for democracy: Evidence from a natural experiment. [Thesis]

Charkhesht, Vahid (2020) Novel Electrospun Anatase/Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Polystyrene Sulfonate-based Li-ion Battery Anodes and their Electrochemical Performances. [Thesis]

Çakır, Fatma (2020) Afghan women in Ağrı: A case study of irregular migration. [Thesis]

Çakır, Hatice (2020) Analysis of the crosstalk between cancer-associated fibroblasts and tumor cells in hepatocellular carcinoma. [Thesis]

Çaldağ, Hakan Osman (2020) Stabilitiy, control and acoustic manipulation of magnetically actuated helical swimmers. [Thesis]

Çetik, Nilüfer (2020) The impact of natural gas on health care utilization. [Thesis]

Çetin, Arda (2020) Epigenetic determinations of nucleotide excision repair efficiency. [Thesis]

Çetin, Gökalp (2020) Network topologies for long armature linear motor multi-car elevator systems. [Thesis]

Çınar, Aslı Ceren (2020) Measuring the extent of voice pitch bias in voter behavior. [Thesis]

Çiçek, Aylin Ece (2020) Global governance constellations, challenges, and trajectories in the 21st century|b:an issue based empirical analysis of voting in the united nations. [Thesis]

Çolak, Oğuzhan (2020) Multiscale modelling of squid inspired tandem repeat proteins. [Thesis]

Demirtaş, Hasan (2020) Power imbalance prediction in Turkish energy market. [Thesis]

Dikyol, Caner (2020) Development of embedded multimaterial bioprinting platform for the biofabrication of vascular tissues. [Thesis]

Dilbaz, İrem (2020) A comparative study of German and Hungarian responses to the migration crisis in the absence of a common European policy. [Thesis]

Doğan, Furkan (2020) On random object allocation. [Thesis]

Duygulu, Ozan (2020) Corporate governance in Turkey, 2000-2018:a process study of translation. [Thesis]

Ebadi Torkayesh, Ali (2020) Reformulations of a bi-level optimization problem detecting collusions in deregulated electricity markets. [Thesis]

Elaçmaz, Oytun (2020) Imagintions of the Anatolian landscape: The films of Sabahattin Eyüboğlu. [Thesis]

Elakaş, Anıl (2020) Load balancing by using machine learning in CPU-GPU heterogeneous database management system. [Thesis]

Emami Tabrizi, Isa (2020) Understanding Failure Mechanisms in Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Laminates through the Combined usage of DIC, AE, Thermography and Optic Based Systems. [Thesis]

Ergün, İlker (2020) Who's there?Staging the silenced pasts in contemporary theater in Turkey: Kim var orada? Muhsin Bey'in Son Hamleti. [Thesis]

Eroğlu, Fatih (2020) Multiphysical modeling and optimization of vacuum bag only process with integration of resin flow, heat transfer and consolidation for composite manufacturing design. [Thesis]

Eroğlu, Günet (2020) Improving reading abilities in dyslexia with neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning. [Thesis]

Erol, Lütfi Yiğit (2020) Design and implementation of microstrip patch antennas from narrowband to ultra-wideband with high interport isolation for in band full duplex communication systems. [Thesis]

Ertürk, Bilge (2020) Added worker effect in Turkey. [Thesis]

Esen, Fatma (2020) Censorship under allied occupation of İstanbul: The analysis of Tasvir-i Efkar Newspaper. [Thesis]

Ghafouri, Vahid (2020) Who rallies around the flag? Analyzing the impact of foreign interventions on nations' political stance using social media data. [Thesis]

Gökçay, Dursun Ece (2020) ATM cash stock prediction using different machine learning approaches. [Thesis]

Gönül, Bora (2020) Continuously Variable Posture Selection in Robotic Milling for Increased Chatter Stability. [Thesis]

Görgün, Erdem (2020) Leakage performance evaluation of cloth seal. [Thesis]

Güçlükol, Simge (2020) Forecasting customer servise demand by machine learning with real life implementation. [Thesis]

Güngör, Işık Berke (2020) 122 GHz SiGe BiCMOS High Resolution FMCW RADAR Front-End for Remote Sensing Applications. [Thesis]

Hazar, Nazlı (2020) Silenced memories: Yazidi women in Turkey. [Thesis]

Işın, Furkan (2020) The politics of Persian historiography at the court of Süleyman: Shah Qasım and his Kanz Al-Javahir. [Thesis]

İlgezdi, Ömer Faruk (2020) Imagining RÜM in Mamluk Cairo ABD Al-Basıt Al Malati and the Ottoman domains. [Thesis]

İzmirlioğlu, Yusuf (2020) Qualitative reasoning about cardinal directions between spatial objects using answer set programming. [Thesis]

Jalalypour, Farzaneh (2020) Developing New Applications for Perturbation Response Scanning Method to Study Conformational Modulation of Globular Proteins. [Thesis]

Kahraman, Kadriye (2020) Hazelnut genome and transcriptome analysis under biotic and abiotic stress. [Thesis]

Kamberi, Elshani (2020) Regularity of edge ideals and their powers. [Thesis]

Kan, Ezgi (2020) Weaving subjectivity at the crossroads of volunteerism and professionalism: coping with precarity in a health care NGO. [Thesis]

Kaner, Aleksandra (2020) The implications of perceived injustice climate on organizational trustworthiness and job outcomes. [Thesis]

Karaca, Başak Yağmur (2020) Turkey's struggle with democracy:|bemergent non-democratic regime in the twenty-first century. [Thesis]

Karimian Hadi Ardebili, Yasaman (2020) Alternative formulations and solution approaches for distribution network design with seasonality. [Thesis]

Karkılı, Gülten Büşra (2020) Optimization models for routing and frequency assignment in wireless mesh networks. [Thesis]

Katırcı, Muhammet Talha (2020) Advices to a phanariot candidate for the grand dragomanate and voivodaship of the danubian principalities in the eighteenth century:be-nam-ı havariyyun-ı büruc-ı fünun of Ebubekir Kani Efendi. [Thesis]

Kaya, Veysel Oğulcan (2020) In silico analysis of coding single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)'s in glucocerebrosidase (GBA) gene and their impact on the biological functions of the cell. [Thesis]

Kayacık, Sezen Ece (2020) Second-order cone programming based methods for two variants of optimal power flow. [Thesis]

Kayar, Mustafa Melih (2020) Governance and social control in The Ottoman Empire: Nezr. [Thesis]

Keçebaş, Muhammed Ali (2020) Design of spectrally selective surfaces. [Thesis]

Keçecioğlu, Zeyno (2020) Forced migartion and intergroup relations: Arab-Turkish citizens' perceptions of Syrians in Turkey. [Thesis]

Khabbazabkenar, Sirous (2020) Investigation of phase evolotion during crystallization of long afterglow strontium aluminate phosphor (Sr4Al14O25): The B2O3 effect. [Thesis]

Kılıç, Kerem (2020) The analysis of the reference shaft under torque measurement unit for turboshaft engines. [Thesis]

Kılıç, Yalçın Can (2020) Algorithmic identity proving and inverse problems. [Thesis]

Kıral, Barış Emre (2020) Predicting in-plane uniaxial compressive moduli of hexagonal honeycoms using experimental analogues. [Thesis]

Kırlı Öziş, Rabia İmra (2020) Essays in empirical asset pricing. [Thesis]

Koca, Sümeyye (2020) The changing dynamics of the headscarf question in Turkey:|bThe women's struggle to take off the headscarf. [Thesis]

Kocacık Şenol, Melike Ayşe (2020) Third-party attitudes on civil conflicts: How the external states react to intrastate conflicts? [Thesis]

Koç, Şeyma (2020) Liberal parties in Europe and human rights emphasis. [Thesis]

Korkmaz, Ömer (2020) An automated black-box model discovery with systematic sampling on android mobile applications. [Thesis]

Kurnalı, Mutlu (2020) Ways of seeing: Nev'izade Ata'i's Alemnüma and canges in the visual perception of Ottoman society in the early seventeenth century. [Thesis]

Kurtulmuş, Alev Irmak (2020) A country in a school: FAJR Iranian school in Turkey. [Thesis]

Kuşkonmaz, Bulut (2020) Investigation of fourier features in neural networks and an application to steering in mesh networks. [Thesis]

Kuyumcu, Zeynep (2020) Reconciling religion and sexuality: an ethnography of youth in Turkey. [Thesis]

Mahmud, Mir Hassan (2020) Frequency synthesizer and mixer design for 5G (26 GHz) communication systems. [Thesis]

Mete, Layra (2020) Controlling the bachelors of İstanbul during the Ottoman modernization period and the regulations on vagabonds. [Thesis]

Metintaş, Melike (2020) Economic relations between The EU and China in an unusual time. [Thesis]

Mohammadi, Hamed (2020) Early detection of imbalance in load and machine in front load washing machines by monitoring drum movement. [Thesis]

Murat, Talha (2020) The political ideas of Derviş Vahdeti as reflected in Volkan newspaper(1908-1909). [Thesis]

Naderi, Siamak (2020) Optimization of transshipment, markdown, and return decisions at fast fashion retailing. [Thesis]

Naderi, Siamak (2020) Optimization of transshipment, markdown, and return decisions at fast fashion retailing. [Thesis]

Najib, Sumaiyah (2020) Investigation of asymmetric hybrid supercapacitor based on morphology of zinc oxide electrode materials for high energy supercapacitors. [Thesis]

Nart, İrem (2020) Turkish think tanks and their attitudes towards The EU:Sceptic or supportive? [Thesis]

Orhan, Zeynep Özge (2020) Co-design optimization for lever-type variable stiffness actuation. [Thesis]

Özcan, Şeyda (2020) Long-term evolutionary links between high-magnetic-field radio pulsars and DIM isolated neutron stars. [Thesis]

Özçolak, Gülçin (2020) Constitutional change in Turkey: The (De)Limited effect of Europeanization. [Thesis]

Özgürün, Baturay (2020) Compressed sensing and learning-based methods for super-resolution structured illumination microscopy. [Thesis]

Özkan, Şeyma (2020) Polishing masculinity: Reclaiming masculine identity through car modification. [Thesis]

Özkan, Tahsin Alper (2020) Electrical Balance Duplexer Based In-Band Full Duplex System for 5G (28 GHz) Communication Systems. [Thesis]

Özkazanç Ünsal, Didem (2020) Development of a novel in vitro screening method using genetically modified NK-92 cells against various tumor cells. [Thesis]

Özsar, Banu (2020) African diasporas in The Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. [Thesis]

Öztürk, Özberk (2020) Wearable surface electromyography (sEMG) technologies with graphene textile electrodes. [Thesis]

Özyavaş, Pınar (2020) Vehicle relocation problems in free-floating car-sharing systems. [Thesis]

Piepoli, Sofia (2020) Characterization of the PATZ1 BTB domain. [Thesis]

Polat, Yusuf Arslan (2020) ISKRA: Bare-metal windows malware dynamic analysis framework. [Thesis]

Rahimi, Mohammad Naqib (2020) Peridynamic modelling of internal features and interfaces for material toughening. [Thesis]

Rastani, Sina (2020) Route planning of electric freight vehicles by considering internal and environmental conditions. [Thesis]

Saghir, Sandra (2020) Ecoc based multi-class classification in brain computer interfaces with ssvep. [Thesis]

Salimkhani, Hamed (2020) Enhancement in ionic conductivity of Dysprosium doped Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte applied in Li-ion batteries. [Thesis]

Saraçoğlu, Elif (2020) Prediction of operational improvements in wind power plants. [Thesis]

Sarı, Burcu (2020) Designing a diagnostic test order recommendation system. [Thesis]

Sarı, Zeynep Nur (2020) Normative power Europe and migration: Cooperation with third countries. [Thesis]

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