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Erdem, Yusuf Hakan (2017) Review of "Douglas Howard, A History of the Ottoman Empire". [Book Review]

Erol, Emre (2017) The roots of authoritarianism in Turkish neoliberalism [A review of the fall of the Turkish model: how the Arab uprisings brought down Islamic liberalism by Cihan Tuğal (Verso: London, 2016)]. [Book Review]

Nomer, Nedim (2017) Fichte's ethical thought. [Book Review]


Çelik, Ayşe Betül (2016) Luc Reychler, Time for peace: the essential role of time in conflict and peace processes (Brisbane: University of Queensland Press, 2015). [Book Review]

Çelik, Ayşe Betül (2016) The Armenian socialist Paramaz: Armenian socialists and genocide from Abdulhamid to progress and union party. [Book Review]

Özel, Cem (2016) Management and organization in contemporary information and documentation centres: a comparative study of literature (Çağdaş bilgi-belge merkezlerinde yönetim ve organizasyon). [Book Review]

Özil, Ayşe (2016) Greek Orthodox music in Ottoman Istanbul: nation and community in the era of reform. [Book Review]

Yelçe, Zeynep Nevin (2016) Empire and power in the reign of Süleyman: narrating the sixteenth-century Ottoman world by Kaya Şahin. [Book Review]


Altınordu, Ateş (2015) Review of "Nurullah Ardıç. Islam and the politics of secularism: the caliphate and Middle Eastern modernization in the early twentieth century". [Book Review]

Irzık, Gürol (2015) History and philosophy of science-based approach to science teaching at its best. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2015) Review of "Oral history at the crossroads: sharing life stories of survival and displacement" by Steven High. [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)


Altınordu, Ateş (2014) Multiple modernities and postsecular societies. [Book Review]

Erdem, Yusuf Hakan (2014) Review of "The abolition of slavery in Ottoman Tunisia by Ismael Montana". [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)

Erdem, Yusuf Hakan (2014) Review of "Tell this in my memory: stories of enslavement from Egypt, Sudan and the Ottoman Empire by Eve M. Troutt Powell". [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2014) Nationalism, Turkification and the end of the jewish Communities in Thrace, 1918-1942. [Book Review]


Çelik, Ayşe Betül (2013) Activists in office: Kurdish politics and protest in Turkey. [Book Review]

Simpson, Adam John (2013) Email English (2nd Edition) by Paul Emmerson. [Book Review]

Simpson, Adam John (2013) Genres across the disciplines: student writing in higher education. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2013) Social relations in Ottoman Diyarbekir, 1870-1915. [Book Review]


Simpson, Adam John (2012) CLIL activities by Liz Dale and Rosie Tanner. [Book Review]

Simpson, Adam John (2012) Cambridge academic English: an integrated skills course for EAP - B2 upper intermediate. [Book Review]

Simpson, Adam John (2012) English for psychology in higher education studies by Jane Short. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2012) Avi Rubin, Ottoman Nizamiye courts: law and modernity. [Book Review]


Adak, Hülya (2011) Turkerenin pari yegar Marc!: edebiyat ve felaket üzerine... [Book Review]

Müftüler-Baç, Meltem (2011) Europeanism. [Book Review]

Öncü, Ayşe (2011) Life as politics: how ordinary people change the Middle East. [Book Review]

Özel, Işık (2011) Turkey and the global economy: neo-liberal restructuring and integration in the post-crisis era. [Book Review]


Baç, Mehmet (2010) An Islamic perspective on governance. [Book Review]

Çetindamar, Dilek (2010) Innovation, science and institutional change: a research handbook. [Book Review]

Müftüler-Baç, Meltem (2010) Harmonizing foreign policy: Turkey, the European Union and the Middle East. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2010) Memory and violence in the Middle East and North Africa. [Book Review]

Nomer, Nedim (2010) Addresses to the German nation. [Book Review]

Özel, Işık (2010) Review of “Turkey and the global economy, neo-liberal restructuring and integration in the post-crisis era”. [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2010) "Boğaziçi'ndeki Almanya" başlıklı makale derlemesinin ve Beyoğlu Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi'nde açılan "Boğaziçi'ndeki Almanya" sergisinin tanıtımı. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2010) Bir etnik grup olarak Levantenler. [Book Review]


Artan, Tülay (2009) The illuminated table, the prosperous house: food and shelter in Ottoman material culture. [Book Review]

Artan, Tülay (2009) Ottoman costumes: from textile to identity. [Book Review]

Erdem, Yusuf Hakan (2009) Geza David & Pal Fodor, Ransom slavery along the Ottoman borders. [Book Review]

Evin, Ahmet (2009) Tales of crossed destinies: the modern Turkish novel in comparative context. [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)

Koçak, Cemil (2009) 61 yıl sonra gün ışığında. [Book Review]

Kunt, Metin (2009) Terror and toleration: the Habsburg Empire confronts Islam, 1526-1850. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2009) Selective remembrances: archaeology in the construction, commemoration, and consecration of national pasts. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2009) Nationalism and "existential schizophrenia": comparing Greece and Turkey. [Book Review]

Nomer, Nedim (2009) Siyasal düşünce ve ideoloji. [Book Review]


Altınay, Ayşe Gül (2008) What Feminism Says To War: Cynthia Cockburn From Where We Stand: War, Women's Activism, and Feminist Analysis (London and New York: Zed Books, 2007). [Book Review]

Çelik, Ayşe Betül (2008) The Age of apology: facing up to the past. [Book Review]

Güneri, Cem (2008) Algebraic geometric codes: basic notions. [Book Review]

Gürsoy, Yaprak (2008) Crisis and conciliation: a year of rapprochement between Greece and Turkey. [Book Review]

Kunt, Metin (2008) Honored by the glory of Islam: conversion and conquest in Ottoman Europe. [Book Review]

Kunt, Metin (2008) Legitimizing the order: the Ottoman rhetoric of state power. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2008) The Politics of public memory in Turkey. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2008) Better late than never: modern Turkey remembers its past. [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2008) Erol Köroğlu: Ottoman propaganda and Turkish identity. Literature in Turkey during World War I. [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)


Altınay, Ayşe Gül (2007) Seungsook Moon, Militarized Modernity and Gendered Citizenship in South Korea (Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press, 2005). [Book Review]

Gürsoy, Yaprak (2007) Nostalgia for the modern: state secularism and everyday politics in Turkey. [Book Review]

Koçak, Gülayşe (2007) Anlamak tutkunu bir Matematikçi: Cahit Arf. [Book Review]

Koçak, Gülayşe (2007) Devletin manevî şahsiyeti. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2007) Nostalgia for the modern. [Book Review]

Parla Alpan, Ayşe (2007) Book review of Esra Ozyurek, Nostalgia for the Modern: State Secularism and Everyday Politics in Modern Turkey, Durham: Duke University Press, 2006. [Book Review]

Sayarı, Sabri (2007) Islam, secularism and nationalism in modern Turkey. [Book Review]

Sayarı, Sabri (2007) The Emergence of a New Turkey: Democracy and the AK Parti. [Book Review] (Accepted/In Press)

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2007) Oliver Jens Schmitt. Levantiner. Lebenswelten und Identitäten einer ethnokonfessionellen Gruppe im osmanischen Reich im "langen 19.Jahrhundert". [Book Review]


Kahraman, Hasan Bülent (2006) Sinan'dan Necipoğlu'na. [Book Review]

Koçak, Cemil (2006) Camilla Dawletschin-Linder: Diener seines Staates: Celal Bayar (1883-1986) und die Entwicklung der modernen Türkei. [Book Review]

Koçak, Cemil (2006) Hatay neden sorun oldu? Nasıl sorun olmaktan çıktı? [Book Review]

Koçak, Cemil (2006) Latife Hanım kritiği üzerine kritik. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2006) The ethnographic imagination. [Book Review]

Sayarı, Sabri (2006) Turkey, islamists and democracy: transition and globalization in a muslim state. [Book Review]

Sayarı, Sabri (2006) Democratisation in Turkey: The Role of Political Parties. [Book Review]


Kahraman, Hasan Bülent (2005) Bir kavganın anatomisi. [Book Review]

Kahraman, Hasan Bülent (2005) Divan Edebiyatını irdelemek: sevgililer çağı. [Book Review]

Kahraman, Hasan Bülent (2005) Hümanizm, beşeri bilimler ve siyasal olan. [Book Review]

Kahraman, Hasan Bülent (2005) Kamusal entelektüel ve politika. [Book Review]

Müftüler-Baç, Meltem (2005) The impact of international change on state collapse. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2005) Who owns the past? the politics of time in a "model" Bulgarian village. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2005) History in exile: memory and identity at the borders of the Balkans. [Book Review]

Öncü, Ahmet (2005) The politics of permanent crisis: class, ideology and state in Turkey. [Book Review]

Sayarı, Sabri (2005) The Politics of Turkish democracy: İsmet İnönü and the formation of the multi-party system, 1938-1950. [Book Review]

Schmitt, Oliver Jens. and Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2005) Levantiner : Lebenswelten und Identitäten einer ethnokonfessionellen Gruppe im osmanischen Reich im "langen 19. Jahrhundert". [Book Review]

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (2005) İkinci meşrutiyet ve Birinci Dünya Savaşı döneminde Türkçülük ve ulusal kimlik inşası. [Book Review]


Akman, Ayhan (2004) Review of Sibel Bozdogan, modernism and nation building. [Book Review]

Altınay, Ayşe Gül (2004) Beyond fears and tears. [Book Review]

Altınay, Ayşe Gül (2004) Erasing the lines. [Book Review]

Altınay, Ayşe Gül and Carter, Candice C. and Casella , Ronnie and Tuomi , Margaret Trotta (2004) Book reviews. [Book Review]

Canbakal, Hülya (2004) The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1650: the structure of power. [Book Review]

Jill , Shepherd and Olson, Naomi and Perkins, Stephen J. and Mantere, Saku and Üsdiken, Behlül and Wexler, Mark (2004) Special book review: the Oxford handbook of organizational theory: meta-theoretical perspectives; the Blackwell companion to organizations. [Book Review]

Kunt, Metin (2004) Writing Ottoman history: documents and interpretations. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2004) Personal states: making connections between people and bureaucracy in Turkey. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2004) The Alevis in Turkey: the emergence of a secular Islamic tradition. [Book Review]


Beriker, Nimet (2003) Capturing the complexity of conflict: dealing with ethnic conflicts of the post-cold war era. [Book Review]

Canbakal, Hülya (2003) Morality tales: law and gender in the Ottoman court of Aintab. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2003) A nation of empire: the Ottoman legacy of Turkish modernity. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2003) Faces of the state: secularism and public life in Turkey. [Book Review]

Neyzi, Leyla (2003) Turkish region: state, market and social identities on the east Black Sea coast. [Book Review]


Neyzi, Leyla (2002) Islam and society in Turkey. [Book Review]

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