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Lin, Lin and Göğüş, Ersin and Baring, Matthew G. and Granot, Jonathan and Kouveliotou, Chryssa and Kaneko Göğüş, Yuki and Van der Horst, Alexander and Gruber, David and Von Kienlin, Andreas and Younes, George and Watts, Anna L. and Gehrels, Neil (2012) Broadband spectral investigations of SGR J1550-5418 bursts. Astrophysical Journal, 756 (1). ISSN 0004-637X (Print) 1538-4357 (Online)

Kargaltsev, Oleg and Kouveliotou, Chryssa and Pavlov, George G. and Göğüş, Ersin and Lin, Lin and Wachter, Stefanie and Griffith, Roger L. and Kaneko Göğüş, Yuki and Younes, George (2012) X-ray observations of the new unusual magnetar swift J1834.9-0846. Astrophysical Journal, 748 (1). ISSN 0004-637X (Print) 1538-4357 (Online)

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