Optimal Dimensional Synthesis of Force-Feedback Lower-Arm Exoskeletons

Ünal, Ramazan and Patoğlu, Volkan (2008) Optimal Dimensional Synthesis of Force-Feedback Lower-Arm Exoskeletons. (Submitted)

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This paper presents multi-criteria design optimization of parallel mechanism based force feedback exoskeletons for human forearm and wrist. The optimized devices are aimed to be employed as a high fidelity haptic interfaces. Multiple design objectives are discussed and classified for the devices and the optimization problem to study the trade-offs between these criteria is formulated. Dimensional syntheses are performed for optimal global kinematic and dynamic performance, utilizing a Pareto front based framework, for two spherical parallel mechanisms that satisfy the ergonomic necessities of a human forearm and wrist. Two optimized mechanisms are compared with respect to each other and discussed in the light of multiple design criteria. Finally, kinematic structure and dimensions of an optimal exoskeleton are decided.

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