Does consumer environmental advocacy matter for sustainable marketing?

Döğerlioğlu Demir, Kıvılcım (2012) Does consumer environmental advocacy matter for sustainable marketing? (Submitted)

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This study introduces the concept of consumer environmental advocacy (CEA), defined as the commitment of pro-environmental customers to influence other individuals toward sustainable consumption. A conceptual model is developed to explore key constructs related to the CEA. In Study 1, we analyze panel data from 3,054 Scottish consumers, and find that pro-environmental purchasing (PEP) behavior mediates the link between CEA and pro-environmental attitudes (PEA). Pro-environmental consumption seems to be a key behavior that intervenes between holding PEAs and becoming environmental advocates. In Study 2 we enhance the validity of results from Study 1, by systematically developing a new CEA scale using three pretests, and testing the full conceptual model among 187 U.S. consumers. Results of our analyses support all previous findings, and also show that perceptions of issue salience moderate the indirect effects of PEAs on CEA through PEP behaviors. Implications for scholars, managers and public policy makers are discussed.

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