Consumer evaluations of modern, classic and retro brands

Döğerlioğlu Demir, Kıvılcım (2012) Consumer evaluations of modern, classic and retro brands. (Submitted)

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Bringing together modernization approaches, brand literature, frame switching and value theories, this paper presents a framework to study modern, classic and retro brands. The authors show that environmental cues impact consumers’ evaluations of modern and classic brands as a function of value integration (VI), defined as the consumer’s perceived degree of overlap between values of modernism and conventionalism. Moreover, retro brand evaluations of consumers are varied and that variation can be explained by the degree of VI as well as by a situational prime (regulatory focus). Specifically, it is shown that high VI consumers rate retro brands more favorably than do low VIs. In addition, a promotion focus leads to more positive retro brand evaluations compared with a prevention focus. These findings contribute to a theoretical understanding of the concept of value integration and its effect on consumer preferences for modern, classic and retro brand styles, an area of study that has the potential to provide marketing managers with the conceptual as well as practical tools for marketing such brands.

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