From discrete task plans to continuous trajectories

Çaldıran, Ozan and Haspalamutgil, Kadir and Ok, Abdullah and Palaz, Can and Erdem, Esra and Patoğlu, Volkan (2009) From discrete task plans to continuous trajectories. In: ICAPS’09 Workshop on Bridging The Gap Between Task And Motion Planning, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Official URL: http://icaps09.uom.gr/workshops/ICAPS2009-WS9-proceedings.zip


We present a logic-based framework to provide robots with high-level reasoning, such as planning. This framework uses the action description language C+ to represent actions and changes, and the system CCALC to reason about them. In particular, we can represent action domains that involve concurrent actions and additive fluents; based on this description, we can compute shortest plans to a planning problem that involves cost constraints. We show the applicability of this framework on two LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots: we compute a discrete task plan (possibly with concurrency) with a cost less than a specified value, and transform this plan into a continuous collision-free trajectory.

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